Meticulously Restored 1966 Ford GT40 MK 1

Published June 25, 2016

In 1966 the U.S. had a lot on its plate, including the Vietnam War, Cold War, Space Race, Le Mans and Hippies. Although we tend to think about the 60’s era as being technologically archaic, we see that such amazing technical feats were well underway. The first SR-71 Blackbird was commissioned into service as was the peak of Nasa’s Gemini program and this 1966 Ford GT40 MK 1. These were testaments to American engineering and ingenuity as there was simply nothing comparable. As our armed forces were focused on the Russians, Ford had its eyes on other red commies.

1966-Ford-GT40-MK-1 2

1966-Ford-GT40-MK-1 3

Ok so not all Italians are/were commies but in the case of Enzo Ferrari, he was a dictator of sorts and a tough man to deal with. He famously walked away from Ford’s merger offer  in 1963 and burnt bridges after notoriously late 10 day talks. The sore dealings left the bitter taste in Ford’s mouth and knowing that Enzo Ferrari’s passion was not the car company itself but racing, led Ford’s development team into a battle for Le Mans and GT racing domination.

1966-Ford-GT40-MK-1 6

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The Ford GT car sat at a pinnacle height of 3ft 4in over the tarmac and was a mid-engine wide-body track slayer packed with American Muscle. Available for purchase to the public, GT40’s such as this one made it into the hands of non-racers. As you can buy a new Ford GT for around $400,000. This ford will likely set you back another zero as it is expected to fetch close to $4,000,000. at the Concours D’Elegance in California.


1966-Ford-GT40-MK-1 7

Meticulously Restored, this 1966 Ford GT40 MK 1 was completely looked over and restored using all original era parts even down to the hoses and spark plug wires. This is as close to a time capsule as you can get as every step of the restoration was given the utmost attention to detail. As for its drivability, it is suppose to run like the day it was produced. I however might update a few things before slinging it around Laguna Seca.




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