Mexico Building Fence To Keep Out U.S. Union Bosses

Updated September 3, 2014


“Mexico showing off their new red Tuk Tuk Limiteds “

Mexican authorities are up in arms as an influx of union leaders are trying to cut and climb a newly installed multi-million peso fence ($14) recently constructed south of the U.S. – Mexico border


Due to the massive influx of auto manufacturers moving their manufacturing plants to Mexico has caused dramatic declines in auto worker union’s fees and more transparency for racketeering and extortion in the United States. As a result the union bosses have had to downsize their home ownership to only a handful of vacation homes and prestigious club memberships.


union boss

“I Unite Hookers Onto My Penis”

We spoke with Frank Rizzo about the hardships he and other Union Bosses have had to face and he responded – “There is no pockets for me to pick anymore, my beak is dry and I have to wet my beak capisce. It is getting so bad in Detroit that I have to pack my Bentley and head south to Mexico where I might find only a Nissan plant to take over, but hopefully I can get in with a GM plant or someone better. Now get the fuck outta hear.”



“My Gun Is Just Plumbing Parts”

We also interviewed Javier Gonzalez who works as a border agent with the Federal Government of Mexico who stated – “I try to stay unbiased but it seems that these individuals have had a deep affect on their homes and caused an influx of jobs in our country and now they want to try and profit off the work of our people as well until all the factories move to Guatemala. Fortunately most of them are very bad at running, easy to spot with their gold jewelry and give up easily but curse a lot”


Danny Trejo

” “

Speaking with several Mexican government officials (one who looks like Danny Trejo) we found out that the country has 44 free-trade agreements which is more than any other country and has a mass of eager workers waiting for a chance to make a small portion of what an average U.S. auto assembly line worker makes. Lower corporate taxes and several incentives makes the country ideal for these auto manufactures.


UAW branded Jeep trying to jump the fence

UAW branded Jeep trying to jump the fence

Speaking with Chrysler auto executives about workers in Mexico compared to U.S. they stated as saying that both workers drink 40oz beers and smoke weed during their lunch breaks but Mexicans are paid less, less likely to file for workman’s compensation cause we don’t have that here and are not controlled by union bosses who want a full-fledged strike if we let their Tahitian timeshare payment lapse.

fat guys jumping fence

They need unions, lets go!

So it seems that Mexico City will be the manufacturing powerhouse that Detroit once was until greed inevitably sets in by all who can extort the system. Fortunately the United States will be supplying the energy and the technology to Mexico.

car-plants in Mexico


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