MG3 – clearest spy shots to date

Published August 2, 2010

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The imminent arrival of the MG3 has got MG fans in Europe and China excited as it will be the first new small MG since the launch of the MG ZR in the UK and also the MG3 SW in China.

The MG3 SW is expected to be sold alongside the new MG3 until a crossover version is developed, however there are already rumors of a lengthened MG3 being put into development, although its exact purpose is not entirely clear.

According to the Chinese media, the MG3 is based off the Fiat Punto and is most likely to carry the Roewe 350?s 1.5L engine, although a 1.3L is probably in development for the MG3 as well. MG might turn it into a hot hatch with the introduction of the 1.5T engine that will make it into the Roewe 350 later this year.




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