MG3: Looks great, feels cheap

Published December 20, 2010

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There is no secret about it, China Car Times is a major fan of all things MG however the latest MG3 seems to be a little bit of a let down on the inside.

There can be no mistaking the MG3 for any other super mini on the road, it may be sized somewhere between the Suzuki Swift and the Ford Fiesta, but the MG3 has the high rear brake lights and the unique post-Transformers angular style going for it on the front end but that is where the styling seems to have ended. The models that were on show at the Guangzhou Auto Show earlier today did not have the build quality of the Ford Fiesta and the interior seemed to be lacking a great deal in comparison to other super minis such as the Fiesta, Fit, Swift and Yaris. If MG want the 3 to become a real fighting super mini, then the quality will have to be raised considerably before production.

That being said, the MG3 is an incredibly unique little car and appears to have been able to jump out of the super minis are designed for girls design theory that has blighted the majority of small cars to becoming girly cars . If SAIC offer the level of customization that was shown at the show today, then it is likely that young consumers will forgive the interior for a funky exterior. The MG6 sedan looks great however (more on this later)




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