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MG6 sedan to launch on… Monday?!

Published October 15, 2010

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MG6 Sighted Out

In news that has taken even China Car Times by surprise, it appears that SAIC are planning to launch the MG6 sedan on Monday at the UK pavilion within the World Expo center. For those that are not aware, the MG6 sedan is essentially the Roewe 550 but with an MG6 style front end, this model has been spotted out testing in the UK before now and is expected to launch in the UK early in 2011, however it appears a surprise launch is on the cards for China. The MG6 sedan will apparently be more sporty looking than its Roewe 550 cousin, but will share the same engine internals and thus will be a 1.8 and a 1.8T, the turbo will produce 160bhp whilst the naturally aspirated model will be good for 133bhp.

MG6 sales have so far been disappointing, but with the addition of the sedan the MG range is bound to be subject to greater media attention which is always good for improving sales.




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