MG6 Sedan – Unveiled!

Published February 26, 2009

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The first picture of a future MG6 sedan have been leaked to the internet via the website. Further details on the MG range have not been released, but its widely rumoured that the MG6 will carry the Roewe 1.8T engine, as the MG6 is essentially an MG edition of the popular Roewe 550.

In 2009, SAIC plans to sell 45,000 Roewe vehicles, where as MG have been given a much lower sales target of just 10,000 vehicles. In 2008, Roewe sold 26007 vehicles, and MG sold 9232.

With cars such as the above MG6 hitting the market soon both in China and the UK/EU, its expected that the MG brand will jump far ahead of its Roewe counterpart.

Now the question remains, will the thousands of drivers across the EU who currently drive something from the MG Z Range trade their motor in for an MG6?




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