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MINI 2013

What Baby Baby Beamers are planning with MINI 2013


Mini is a niche market that pertains to those who want a go-kart that is street legal. Since the introduction of the Cooper Americans have started buzzing around in these pocket rockets and with the MINI Cooper S bringing a little power to the plate we got a little more excited. Today we have seen this baby BMW’s are starting to grow tumors and come ashore all odd looking. We have seen that there are more MINI 2013 vehicles that are becoming all but mini. Though we might see a redesign in the MINI Cooper 2014 it is not for certain. The word on the street is that it will share more and more components with the entry level BMW’s. The MINI 2013 lineup has many more siblings and looks to keep reproducing.

New MINI Lineup


All 2013 MINI models will come in the 3 stages with a start in fuel efficiency and 121 Hp then you get to the MINI S which takes you up to 181 Hp then you get to the John Cooper Works edition that has the new BMW twin-scoll turbo charger that can produce 208 Hp and up to 207 Ft Lbs of torque!



  • MINI Cooper Coupe – This MINI has an attitude problem and goes against society, but doesn’t really scare anyone. This coupe will be sure to keep your tall friends fist fighting for shotgun.
  • MINI Cooper Convertible – Same as the hardtop and will possibly get a rebirth in 2014
  • MINI Cooper Roadster – Tell the ladies that you don’t have room for kids with this sweet swingers mobile. Still will have a cloth top that stores where your kids use too.
  • MINI Clubman – Still an odd looking MINI weiner dog
  • MINI Countryman – This MINI is ready for inclement weather and dirtroad shenanigans. It will have competition with the 2013 Subaru XV.
  • MINI Paceman– Same as the countryman but with two less doors giving it a small sporty SUV wagon AWD sports car rally racer wagon coupe feel?

MINI Final Thoughts


With so many MINI’s running about we are seeing a few more on the streets and though they Cooper still sells I think they are running far behind on a refresh. I do however want to get behind the wheel of the John Cooper Works as I am sure it is a neck snapper. So what do you think about the MINI name. Do they currently build anything that interests you? How will the Abarth Venom compare to the John Cooper Works Hardtop? Send us what you think about this company and if they are a little too expensive for what you get because that is what I think.




Uriah Nazario
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