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Mini has created an extreme “SUV”

The class of the miniature sport crossover did not exist until recently, and now have to choose from. At present on the market are struggling 184 – horsepower Mini Countryman S and 190 – horsepower Nissan Juke, and soon we will get even more interesting proposal – Mini Countryman JCW.

Under this abbreviation, which stands for «John Cooper Works» traditionally the extreme versions of Mini Corporation are hidden. Under the hood there is a 1.6 liter turbo engine, which is squeezed out 211 hp. In the mode of «Over boost» his power may temporarily rise up to 221 hp. With it the four – wheel drive crossover became capable to dial 100 km / h in 7.1 seconds. The current the most powerful Juke – 8,4 sec.

The hatchbacks of the series of JCW are equipped with only the “mechanics”, while the crossover has an alternative – a 6 – speed automatic transmission.
If the standard Countryman does not look aggressive, the flagship version has changed “in the face”. The distorted mouth grille, the embossed bumpers and the war paint did their job: the ‘SUV’ car no longer looks like a lady’s car.

In the class of the smallest crossovers the novelty has no competitors, but if you take the larger models, there exist some sportier versions. For example, BMW X1 has a more powerful and a high – speed versions. But it must be admitted that they are not so spectacular in appearance.


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