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MINI Owner Provides Sunny Seasonal Perspective

For a single year a man took to the road in search of a new sunrise from a variety of new locations in British Columbia.  David Chang was recently featured in a post on with his very unique experience with his MINI with a photo journalistic approach. The result of early bird, persistence and great photography…breathtaking perspective of some of the greatest looking sunrises we have ever seen.


We stumbled upon this incredible story while on a MINI dealer’s Google Plus page, from there we were taken back by the incredible imagery that David was able to capture with each of these photos, and all of them came from the point of view of a MINI Cooper passenger.


David Chang started to really take on photography as a hobby and passion in 2012. Although his schedule with work and life keeps him from really delving deep into the art of photography, this MINI motoring man finds the time early in the mornings and at dusk to really take the time to relax and snap some remarkable photos. Of course the main focal point being his MINI Cabrio, as it looks off in the distance with the sun rising.


This article really captures the essence of what makes the MINI Culture so unique, and what makes most MINI owners a rare breed. There seem to be so many MINI owners like David, who have an artistic grasp on life, inspire to pursuit their passions, and enjoy many of the simple things that life throws their way.


MINI Coopers may not reach sales values as high as Ford, Toyota and the other major leaders in the North American auto industry. What they do have though, is an incredibly loyal and engaged following. They are a group of consumers that have either adopted a certain lifestyle, or have learned to lead very interesting lives.






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