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Mitsubishi e Evolution Concept

Sacred Rally Name On An SUV – Mitsubishi e Evolution Concept

In order to survive one must sacrifice a lot

Published November 2, 2017

I have been waiting a long time for something like this – a Mitsubishi I actually like. Mitsubishi e Evolution may be that kind of a car despite actually not being a car but a rather curiously styled SUV. It is an all-electric concept Mitsubishi calls “high-performance all-electric crossover.”

Mitsubishi e Evolution Concept

The word Evolution is of rather high importance in the Mitsubishi world. After all, the Evo is as big of a legend as car legends go. In this case applied to an SUV, Evolution actually points us to the direction where Mitsubishi has to head in order to survive. Electrification, SUV development, and autonomous driving systems integration.

Mitsubishi e Evolution Concept

The e Evolution has it all, thus not being actually linked with the rally legend of the past but literally telling us the path of the future. And all this, of course, thanks to massive Renault-Nissan input. After all, the large conglomerate acquired Mitsubishi some time ago. They will definitely do whatever it takes to reinvent the brand. Even if that means sacrificing all the sports heritage Mitsubishi build upon all these years.

Mitsubishi e-Evolution Concept Styled As A Modern Mashup

The Mitsubishi e Evolution Concept incorporates rather an ostentatious SUV styling which links coupe shapes of the roof with, what seems to be a Lexus-like front end. Four doors, massive wheels, high-riding position and short hood certainly scream “electric car”. And it is one with high-capacity batteries stored on the floor close to the center of the car. Three electric motors complement the drivetrain. One, with higher output at the front axle and two, slightly less powerful at the back.

mitsubishi e evolution

Electric motors, of course, give the Mitsubishi e Evolution Concept an AWD capability. Furthermore, they are responsible for accurate torque distribution instead of high-end differentials of the ICE powered Mitsubishis. In that regard, Mitsubishi used familiar names to describe what the e Evolution Concepts disposes of with. Active Yaw Control (AYC) is a part of its Super All-Wheel Control all-wheel-drive system (S-AWC). These expressions are well familiar in the world of Mitsubishi. Fine linking. It’s like a movie throwback. Only for real. In a car.

Don’t expect many cars from Mitsubishi, expect SUVs

The brand strategy will certainly reflect on the offering. Do not expect some crazy fast sedans and roadsters. No one buys them anymore. Expect a multitude of SUVs from Mitsubishi, some of which should take styling and technological pieces from the E-Evolution.

Mitsubishi e Evolution Concept

One of the most striking features of the e-Evolution is ‘Artificial Intelligence augmentation of the driver and vehicle performance.’ The system uses onboard sensors to track and recognize surface and conditions thus adapting the power input, steering angle and all other stuff some time before drivers had to figure out. Of course, in the name of safety, now we do not have to.

Mitsubishi e Evolution Concept

It is hard to guess if the e Evolution ever will become a real car on the streets. If nothing, it will most certainly offer a unique opportunity for Mitsubishi designers to take all the styling features from it for the cars of tomorrow.

Mitsubishi e Evolution Concept


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