Mitsubishi Pajero to become a Changfeng Pajero?

Published June 25, 2009

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Mitsubishi and Changfeng have had a JV going back quite a few years. Changfeng-Mitsubishi made the second generation Pajero (1992-1999 version) for the Peoples Liberation Army, and they also produced it for civillian use. The Pajero eventually fell under the Changfeng brand, as has the most recent third generation Pajero:

The third generation Pajero retailed for around 300,000rmb to 420,000rmb in China as a CKD, but Changfeng assembled model, could this Changfeng branded model make the price fall at all?

Now that Guangzhou Auto and Changfeng Auto have merged, could the third generation Pajero form the basis for a future Guangzhou Auto SUV?

At the moment, only China Car Times has questions, but no answers. Changfeng are saying that the third gen Pajero does exist in Changfeng guise, but wont comment further on future production.




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