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Mitsubishi Release Signals Age of Electric Car

Updated September 28, 2013

The electric car has been on the horizon for a long time now. The only past issue with the electric car is that they have been so expensive and so inefficient that only the foolish would ever drive them. But now the electric car could be well within the price range of the normal person as Mitsubishi has just released an electric car that costs a mere $30,000.


What is it?


This new release by Mitsubishi is the 2012 i-MiEV and is the least expensive electric car to ever hit the North American market. At just under $30,000 it leaves it within the price range of a great chunk of people.


The car itself has 126 miles to the gallon, whilst driving in the city, which beats another efficient car the Nissan Leaf at 106 miles to the gallon. The five-door car has, so far, received positive reviews from critics who have praised the fact that its speed sensitive steering makes driving a car more efficient than ever.


Another gripe that people had with the electric car is that braking doesn’t feel natural and the car loses its feeling. But that problem has been resolved as critics have praised its realistic braking style.


As with all electric cars, it requires a charger to refuel it. This Mitsubishi release will take anywhere from seven to 22 hours to fully charge. However, it has to be noted that it depends entirely on the charger used. Naturally, the more expensive chargers will be closer to the seven hour mark than the 22 hour mark, and vice-versa.


Main Sticking Points


With the 2012 i-MiEV comes a number of sticking points that have made this car one of the most well-received electric cars to have hit the market. These sticking points are outlined below.


  • Air conditioning
  • Stability control
  • Safety features to protect the car from theft and accidents, including keyless entry, six air bags, and additional control when driving on roads with less traction. As well as protecting the car and those inside, it will provide a saving on insurance costs as drivers will now be considered less of a risk.
  • A 360 watt sound system.
  • A 16 kilowatt lithium ion battery.




Buyers in North America are also in luck due to the fact that this car has been marked for a tax credit. This tax credit amounts to a massive $7,500 so really the car only costs about $22,500. This money can be reclaimed whilst filing one’s yearly tax documents for the calendar year, but it has to be said that this money can’t be claimed before this.


The Future


The future for the electric car is bright as more and more governments are open to the idea of tax credits for people who decide to go green and buy these cars. Not only does it help bring the prices of these cars down, it also helps encourage people to give them a chance. What’s clear is that electric cars are only going to get cheaper.



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