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More Sexy Wheels To Be Made in China: The Comet

In 2018 China Car Times was acquired by Autowise. This article originally appeared on

No, not the Alfa 159, but a new model, the Comet, from Flybo-EV.

Weve talked about Flybo-Ev before today, they were bringing a range of low speed electric vehicles to the United States. According to the information we received earlier today from Flybos owners Wuzheng Kama USA (they changed names!) the Comet, pictured left, was designed by the upcoming Italian designer Gianpalo Alvino. It seems the Comet doesnt only look good, it looks like it might perform as well!

Flybo-EV have said the Comets body will be an exotic composite mix of cabon fiber and Kevlar, the alloy wheels will also be carbon fiber the whole car will looks like it will look great! Following on in the Flybo-EV range of products, the Comet will also be an electric vehicle except it wont be classed as a low speed electric vehicle it looks like this baby will pack some speed the Comet is boasting a top speed of 100mph, and a theoretical distance (depends which options pack you buy with the Comet) of 200 miles before it needs recharging. The fun doesnt stop under the bonnet, the car will feature an onboard computer with a reported 40-60gb hard drive and a screen, the Flybo-EV boss, Micheal Papp says you can either use it to listen to music, watch a DVD (while stationary of course) and even use it as a GPS system. The Comet is a two seater car aimed at commuters into big US cities, pricing is not 100% sure, but Mr. Papp imagines it to be in the $30,000 area.

China Car Times asks, when will the electric revolution fully take hold and everyone has an electric motor?

For more info, talk to Flybo-EV

Update: We have another picture, click to see a bigger version:



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