Motoped Cruzer tie down

Motoped Cruzer the Coolest Bike on the Boardwalk

Who Wants A Ride On The Motoped Cruzer?

Updated September 26, 2018

Straight out of Boardwalk Empire, we’ve spotted this early 1900’s gem. The Motoped Cruzer is the coolest bike on the boardwalk. If you are thinking about buying a bicycle, or you want to bike to work, but its just slightly too far… Motoped literally just solved all your problems, not just that, but this Cruzer is the ultimate hipster chick magnet.

Motoped Cruzer 1

I personally dig old school throwbacks, especially when they come with some modern technology. Nothing worse than getting stuck in the middle of a ride. So a modern engine, electric start, and 150 mpg fuel efficiency is a must in 2015!

Motoped Cruzer tie down

What makes the Motoped Cruzer so cool is that it really is a head turner. There is nothing else out there like it and this thing’s got some serious style. Notice the long stainless steel tank, the old school wooden fenders, and that bad-ass spring seat, aged leather included.

Motoped Cruzer straight

One of the coolest things about the Motoped brand is that you can customize just about anything you like, right from the factory. If you want some extra racks, its no problem. Want to install a cooler for the beach, they can do it.

Motoped Cruzer delivery

Enough with the fluff, lets get into the specs. The Motoped Cruzer comes with a choice of two engine options, a 49cc, 2.41 hp or a 125cc, 7.78 hp engine. They are both electric start and are both automatics. The max speed is listed at 24 mph, but I’m guessing that is for the 49cc engine option. You should be able to get much more out of the 125 cc engine. They both have a patented jackshaft pedal drive system if you are looking for some exercise and the starting price is just under $2400, not bad for the coolest bike in town!

Check out the Motoped Cruzer in action!



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