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The Top 10 Motorcycle Chain Lube Products!

All You Need To Know About Motorcycle Chain Lubricants

Best Overall Choice

Motul Motorcycle Chain Lube

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Best Budget Choice

Liquid Wrench L711 Chain & Cable Lube

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Best Premium Choice

Yamalube Full-Synthetic Chain Lube

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Motul Motorcycle Chain Lube

There are hundreds of quality motorcycle chain lube products on the market, but which ones are truly worth the hype? We’ve put together a handy list of the top 10 products on the market that suit a wide range of riders and all different chain types.

Your motorcycle’s chain does a lot of work and it’s often one of the most neglected parts when it comes to splashing out on care products. Riders don’t mind doing the research and shelling out on a new chain that suits their motorcycle and riding style but that enthusiasm seems to fade away when it comes to shopping for the best motorcycle chain lube out there. In all honesty, chain lubricant isn’t exactly the most exciting thing in the world, but if you treat your chain right, it will treat you right in return and you’ll feel the benefits transferred into improved performance, reduced maintenance, and seriously improved chain lifespan longevity. Check out some of these products if you want to give your chain the best lubrication that it deserves.

What Is The Best Motorcycle Chain Lube For Your Bike?

Best Overall Choice

1. Motul Motorcycle Chain Lube

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Motul know a thing or two about making excellent lubrication products. They specialize in providing high-performance lubrication to the road racing market, so they’re a brand name that you can trust. While you’d expect a big name brand like Motul to carry heavyweight price tags, this one doesn’t – and that’s the main reason that we love it. It’s inexpensive, efficient, versatile, and does exactly what it says on the tin: it lubes your chain, and does the trick. What’s more, it’s good for all chain types and can handle almost anything you throw it. There is an “almost” here unfortunately, but it still gets our number one spot anyway.

Unlike other products on this list, it doesn’t offer much in the way of dust protection. That’s not a problem for road and track users, but if you like a bit of off-roading or will regularly find yourself riding up a dusty trail or two, then another chain lubricant might be a better choice for you. However, if you like the best chain performance you can get at an affordable price, then the Motul Motorcycle Chain Lube should be in your shopping basket. It’s effective on all chain types, protects your chain against the weather and other elements, it’s easy to use, and readily available. Since it’s such a simple and straightforward product, we’ve given it our number one spot.

Top Features:

  • Very affordable product
  • Can be used on all types of motorcycle chain
  • Only requires a small amount for full coverage
  • Specifically formulated for road and track use
  • Motul is a brand name you can trust

2. DuPont Teflon Chain Saver Lube

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In second place, we have the Dupont Teflon Chain-Saver Lubricant; a top notch product made from a clever Teflon Fluoropolymer wax film that keeps the elements away, protects against dirt, dust and road grime, and can withstand extreme temperatures. Thanks to the use of corrosion resistant additives, this highly water resistant lubrication prevents rust and chain degradation, without making a mess in the process. It’s a dry wax, not a wet one, so it requires more regular applications for the best results, but if you’re looking for deep lubrication penetration, this is a great product to use. Though it’s specifically designed for O-Ring chains, it also works well on other chain types too – not just chains either, this is a very versatile product that has a wide range of applications.

It’s a great motorcycle chain lube, but it also works well on anything else that has a moving chain as part of its mechanical DNA. Chain-driven pulleys, belts, cables, and other industrial machinery can all be serviced and maintained with this inexpensive product. If you need chains lubed, and not just motorcycle chains, then this is a great product to have on hand. It’s easy to apply, easy to store, and comes in a variety of sizes so you can have a big bottle in the garage, but take a small one with you when you’re on the go.

Top Features:

  • Dirt-resistant dry lubricant
  • Can extend chain and sprocket life by up to 5x longer
  • Suitable for more than motorcycle chains
  • Can withstand temperatures of up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Available in multiple bottle volumes, from 4 oz to 14 oz

3. Bel-Ray Blue Tac Chain Lube

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The Bel-Ray Blue Tac Chain Lube is another one of our favorite products. It doesn’t matter whether you have an O-ring chain or an X-ring chain because it has been specially formulated to provide the best level of protection, lubrication, and dirt defense for both types. It’s a great product for riders who prefer longer intervals between their maintenance checks since it’s a long-lasting formula – that doesn’t give you an excuse to neglect your chain, but if life gets in the way and you skip a chain check-up you can rest easy knowing that this lube has your back. It protects against rust build-up and corrosion, and defends your chain against wear and shock-loading too.

This motorcycle chain lube is a spray type, which makes it incredibly easy to use: you simply spray it over the chain! The spray makes it easy to reach the entirety of the chain, inside and out, and it’s easy to ensure perfect coverage. Since the lubrication also acts as a protective coating and waterproofing agent, getting the best coverage pays dividends. It is a sticky spray though, so it’s imperative that you use it in an appropriate place and make sure that you wear gloves when you apply it. It’s pretty nasty stuff to get on your hands! It is more expensive than many of the other products on the list but you can rest assured knowing that the extra dollar is going towards a superior product.

Top Features:

  • High levels or dirt protection
  • Trusted anti-rust and anti-corrosion formula
  • Protects against shock loading and chain/sprocket wear
  • Has excellent longevity between applications
  • Works on all chain types

4. Maxima Chain Wax

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Maxima Chain Wax is one of the most popular motorcycle chain lube products on the market, and it frequently comes in first place on many top list style articles, and for good reason! It’s a very versatile product that boasts exceptional rust and corrosion protection, an excellent heavy-duty anti-wear formula designed to lube your chain, sprockets, and cables, in sizes ranging from big shop-size tins to small portable units. The Maxima Chain Wax is a spray type lubricant that allows users to spray a thin wax liquid over the chain, penetrating deeply before coating the chain with a wax film that keeps it nice and protected.

The actual chemical make-up of the spray is focused around a unique Parafilm substance which allows this spray to be as practical as an aerosol liquid, but with the toughness and durability of a regular wax. It’s for this reason that so many riders are fond of this product. Not only does it work of all chain types, including O-ring, X-ring, and Z-ring, but it also good for other parts of your bike too! There aren’t many downsides to this one apart from the fact that excess wax can build up in some of your moving parts making a gummy, sticky mess. However, it you apply it properly, remove the excess, and keep on top of a regular maintenance and cleaning regime then this is unlikely to happen.

Top Features:

  • Suitable for all motorcycle chain types
  • Unique Parafilm formula for versatile spray action
  • Protects against wear on sprockets and cables too
  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • Specially designed for high humidity environments

5. PJ1 Blue Label Performance Vehicle Chain Lube

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Up next we have the PJ1 Blue label motorcycle chain lube. It’s arguably one of the best motorcycle chain lubes on the market and always gets rave reviews, and if you’re looking for an O-ring chain specific lubricant then you should consider this product. This lube has been specially formulated for O-rings to reduce friction between metal components, ensure longevity, and to protect them from the elements. In fact, it can handle almost any element, since it’s equally at home protecting a motorcycle chain in the heat of summer as it is protecting a snowmobile chain in the depths of winter!

It’s a petroleum based lubricant that comes in an easy to apply spray form that doesn’t fly off as you’re going along, and keeps rust and water at bay all the time. Applying it can be a little messy but as long as you have a cloth on hand to wipe away the excess and you’re prepared to catch the spill, it’s worth the little bit of effort it takes to apply. Apart from that drip risk, all you have to do is point and spray it. Another downside is that it’s a little more expensive than others on the list but it’s from a reputable brand and you can have faith in their products – the price really does reflect the quality of the product in this case.

Top Features:

  • Specially formulated for O-Ring chains
  • Easy-apply spray for maximum coverage
  • Completely water resistant
  • Protects sprockets and chain for wear
  • Doesn’t “fling-off” when your motorcycle is in operation
Best Budget Choice

6. Liquid Wrench L711 Chain & Cable Lube

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This specially formulated lubricant has been designed to provide serious penetration, excellent coverage, and advanced chain protection, and it excels at all three tasks. Applied as a spray, this lubricant doesn’t dry until it has penetrated the chain and once it’s where it’s supposed to be it dries off quickly, making application a very easy and no-hassle job to do. The formula uses a combination of Cerflon solid lubricant, anti-wear additives, and synthetic moly to protect your chain from wear, tear, rust, corrosion, oxidization, and road dirt to give your chain a longer life and improve your overall performance.

Though it’s designed for O-ring and X-ring motorcycle chains, this is a great product to have in your garage because it can successfully lubricate a wide range of industrial machines, from ATVs and UTVs to more specialist chain-driven tools such as chainsaws and fork lift trucks! If it has a chain in it, you can use this on it. Plus, this penetrating lubrication is also good for your motorcycle’s cables too. The other cool features of the Liquid Wrench L711 Chain & Cable Lube includes a precision lube applicator straw, and the fact that it’s formulated with anti-sling technology to make sure that it doesn’t get thrown off when your chain is in motion. In terms of bang for your buck, this is an excellent product.

Top Features:

  • Advanced penetrating lubrication
  • Uses “anti-sling” technology for a cleaner ride
  • Can be used on anything chain driven
  • Includes a precision applicator straw
  • 50-state compliant

7. Lucas Oil 10393 Chain Lube Penetrant Aerosol

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Lucas Oil is a brand name that you can trust and when it comes to automotive products, they know what they’re talking about. On the surface, their 10393 formula is very similar to our favorite Motul product that we’ve got in first place, and it also shares a bit of DNA with the Bel-Ray Blue Tac stuff too, in the fact that it’s a spray lubricant that’s compatible with all kinds of motorcycle chains. What makes it different is that it comes with a very unique foaming action that offers a high-performance coating that has been tried, tested, and gets the seal of approval for professional riders, mechanics, and racers alike. This lubricant could easily have been rated higher on our list if not for one reason: it’s unwieldy.

It penetrates, protects, and definitely improves the lifespan of your chain, fending off dirt, rust, corrosion, oxidization, and more but it can be tricky to apply. The can isn’t idiot-proof, and if you’ve got a heavy trigger finger, you’ll end up with a mess on your hands. It foams and drips a fair bit, so make sure that you’re working in an area that you don’t mind spillages on, or where you have adequate floor protection. Careful not to get your wheel covered too! And another negative point it the fact that it does have a habit of getting slung everywhere when your chain’s in motion. Not ideal, for sure, but it’s a great product if you apply it correctly. It just takes effort and practice to get right.

Top Features:

  • Compatible with all chain types
  • Unique foam-action lubrication formula
  • Excellent for deep component penetration
  • Water-resistant with a rust and corrosion inhibitor
  • Will extend chain and sprocket life

8. Honda Pro “White Graphite” Chain Lube

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It should come as no surprise that a company as large as Honda has its own lubricants division. While Honda branded lubrication doesn’t sound as interesting or exotic as other choices you’d be foolish to dismiss it. They make excellent products and their chain lubricants are some of the best in the industry. The Honda Pro Chain Lubricant with White Graphite has been designed and engineered with high-performance riding and racing in mind, and it comes backed by years upon years of superb racing results in a wide range of disciplines. It has all the right qualifications, and an impressively affordable price tag too.

Not only is it slick and durable, but it’s designed to withstand the elements, keep rust and corrosion at bay, and improve the lifespan of your chain. The only complaints seem to be that the applicator straw isn’t as precise as it could be, and that the nozzle on the can is temperamental. Also, it can sling-off but if you apply it correctly and wait 15 minutes after application before using your motorcycle, it should be fine. But those are small complaints. At the end of the day, if you want a lubricant that ticks all of the boxes, resists weather and wear and tear, and comes with a big Honda seal of approval with a low price tag, then this is a product worth using.

Top Features:

  • Leaves a graphite slick coating with being tacky
  • Perfect for O-ring chains
  • Genuine Honda product
  • Can operate at high low temperature extremes
  • Extends chain and sprocket life
Best Premium Choice

9. Yamalube Full-Synthetic Chain Lube

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Naturally, Honda isn’t the only motorcycle manufacturer known for making lubricants. Yamaha’s in-house lubricants division, Yamalube, also manufactures excellent motorcycle chain lube products, and it’s the company’s full-synthetic chain lubricant that we like best. Designed to work on all chain types, O-ring, X-ring, and Z-ring, this high-quality full synthetic lube repels dust, prevents rust and corrosion, reduces friction, repels water, and keeps the weather out. It penetrates deeply and offers superb coverage, which will improve the lifespan of your chain and its overall functionality. It’s suitable for both on and off-road applications and you can also use it on any chain-driven machines too, which makes it an ideal addition to your garage.

There are some downsides to it, which is why it hasn’t ranked higher on the list. Firstly, it’s quite thin, which can make it difficult to apply without making any spillages – and that leads us to our second point. It doesn’t come with an applicator straw. Now this is hardly a deal breaker but the addition of an applicator straw would make this product so much better. Still, if you’re a Yamaha rider and brand loyalty is your thing then this Yamalube product won’t let you down, straw or no-straw! At the end of the day, it’s good lubrication from a trusted company at a very reasonable price. As long as you remember that using it could be a messier affair than you planned, then you’ll be fine.

Top Features:

  • Manufactured for on and off-road applications
  • Fully synthetic lubrication
  • Works for all chain types (O,Z, and X-ring)
  • Water resistant, with anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties
  • Genuine Yamaha product

10. Motul Chain Paste

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For the sake of diversity we’ve got a wildcard entry here: it’s Motul’s Chain Paste. Unlike all the other entries on this list, it’s a paste, which makes it an entirely different product. Are pastes better? It’s an age old debate but in truth most modern spray lubricants are as good as pastes (if not better) in terms of coverage, penetration, and protection but there’s something about paste that we love. Paste products went out of fashion because they were difficult to apply when compared with sprays, but this one from Motul is very easy to apply, and leaves a nice long-lasting protection and lubrication.

Thanks to a special built-in brush applicator, all you have to do is paint this lubricant on. It’s as simple as that. The paste-like quality allows the lubricant to work its magic properly, penetrating deeply and providing lubrication to all the right places without dripping off or spilling. It comes in a white color so you know where you’ve already applied, and you’re left with a nicely lubed chain that’s protected from rust and corrosion, repels water, offers low rolling resistance, with longer protection than you’d get from a spray, which adds more rides to your chain’s lifespan. Many riders who try this insist that they’ll never use a spray again! There are a couple of downsides though: it takes longer to apply and of course, there will be some fling-off when you’re in motion, but not as much as you’d think. We really like this one, but it comes last because it’s not for everyone and it does take a bit of time to apply.

Top Features:

  • Paste product that lasts longer than sprays
  • White color for easy application
  • Ideal for all chain types
  • Suitable for motorcycles and karts
  • Equipped with a brush applicator for easy application

Motorcycle Chain Lubrication: Buying Guide & FAQ

Why Should You Use A Motorcycle Chain Lube?

It should go without saying that a motorcycle chain requires frequent lubrication. Since the chain is working incredibly hard to keep your motorcycle moving, it’s imperative that you keep it in tip top condition, and carefully maintain and adjust it regularly. Using a specially formulated lubricant is the best way to do this. Not a drop of old motor oil, and not a spritz of WD40 either. They might appear to do the job, but they really don’t. There’s no substitute for a properly formulated and scientifically engineered lubricant. They make your chain nice and slick, and so much more. Here are some of the benefits of using the best motorcycle chain lube you can buy.

Improved Performance

A properly lubricated chain will deliver superior performance to your motorcycle. With the right lubrication, your chain will move smoothly and slide nicely into the teeth of the sprockets, with minimal friction. A chain that moves nice and smoothly is more efficient, and more efficiency means superior performance. And we all want better performance, don’t we?

Chain Protection

Since your chain is exposed to the elements and is constantly spinning around near to the road’s surface, it gets caked in a lot of unwanted substances, from oil and road dirt, to gravel, loose chippings, dust, and other assorted nasty business. It gets made worse by the extremes of heavy rain or hot sun. A good chain lubricant with dirt resistant features will keep that dirt and grime build-up to a minimum, allowing your chain to spin freely without obstruction.

Weather Protection

At the end of the day, your chain is made of metal, and metal and water doesn’t mix well if the metal is untreated. It needs protection from the elements. Water and exposure to the elements brings about wear, tear, rust, and corrosion. A properly formulated motorcycle chain lube will have adequate protection against these things, with the lubricant forming a protective coating, keeping rust and corrosion at bay. Rust and corrosion will significantly reduce the lifespan of your chain. The last thing you want is having to replace a chain when it’s not on your terms!

What Kind Of Motorcycle Chain Lubrication Is There?

Now that you know you need to have a good motorcycle chain lube in your tool box, what type should you buy? While you’d think that buying a motorcycle chain lube should be fairly straightforward, nothing’s ever easy and there are a couple of different options for you to choose from. In short, you’ve got a choice of spray lube or paste lube. These days, most people prefer the spray type, but here’s a quick overview of both types to help you make sure you get the right product for your motorcycle and riding style.

Paste Lube

Paste-type chain lube isn’t nearly as popular as it used to be, and that’s because sprays have become so much more advanced – but there’s still a good reason to try a paste. Paste lubes are more time consuming to apply, and usually come in a tube with a brush applicator which allows for more precise and even chain coverage. Since it’s a thicker paste, you can see where you’ve properly lubricated, and see how well your coverage has penetrated. What’s more, thanks to the thicker nature of these lubes, they generally last longer and lubricate for longer, making it a great option for riders who might not have the time to service their chain as regularly as they’d like.

In summary: they take longer to apply, they’re more difficult to apply, and the thicker paste flings off more than a spray but the lubricant usually has better coverage and penetration, and lasts longer.

Spray Lube

Spray lubes are far more popular. The reason behind this is that they’re easy to apply, take no time to use, and these days they’re just as potent and perform just as well as paste type lubricants. With a spray, you can perform quick maintenance on your chain with a simple point and shoot action, that requires minimal effort and minimal clean up. Generally, spray lubricants require more regular intervals for re-application. They need more regular applications, but they don’t take long to apply, so it’s up to you whether you see that as a positive or a negative.

In summary: modern spray chain lubricant formulas can perform just as well as paste types but they require more regular applications. The actual application, however, takes next to no time at all. There’s no denying that this is the most popular kind of lubrication on the market.

If that wasn’t enough to worry about, you also have the choice of using either wet, dry, or all-purpose lubrication types. Here’s a very brief overview of those types.

Wet Lube

Wet lube is exactly what it sounds like it is: a wet lubricant that keeps your chain wet to protect it from the elements. It’s a viscous lube that keeps your chain nice and moist, which offers the best protection in wet and humid places as it stop water droplets from sticking to your chain and damaging it. If you live in a humid or wet place, this type of motorcycle chain lube is worth considering.

Dry Lube

A dry lubricant is applied like a wet lubricant, but rather than staying wet to the touch it quickly dries instead. After drying, it leaves behind a protective film or coating that protects your chain, resisting dust and debris, keeping your chain unclogged and clean. It’s formulated to work best in dry environments, and works particularly well in high dust areas.

All-Purpose Lube

All-purpose lube is most likely the type that you’ll need though. If you’re not sure what kind of environment that you’re riding in, or you’re not 100% sure about what kind of lubrication or protection your chain needs, buying an all-purpose motorcycle chain lube is a safe bet. This kind of lube can either be a liquid lube or a chain wax, and will quite happily work on a wide range of chains from motorcycle and bicycle applications to more heavy-duty industrial machinery. However, it’s recommended that you learn which chain lubes work best for your equipment and riding style rather than just rely on the fact that all-purpose chain lubes will probably work.

What To Look For In A Motorcycle Chain Lubricant

While we’re on the subject of what type of lubricant to buy, it’s also worth looking at what other features your desired product has to offer. Most lubricants have advantages and disadvantages when compared with other products on the market. While there are many variables that make one lube better suited to one motorcycle owner over another, there are a few fundamental features that all motorcyclists should be looking out for when shopping for the best motorcycle chain lube for their ride.

Application Difficulty

It’s important to search for a product that’s easy to apply – or rather, within your skill level to use. Most riders will want something that’s easy to apply, requiring no tools, and no time wasted. A quick spray is a good choice for those who don’t like to spend time on maintenance. However, if you’re leaning towards a paste that may offer superior protection, ask yourself if you have the time to spend applying it. It’s more difficult than a spray, but not if you know what you’re doing. Find something that’s easy to apply or appropriate for the level of effort you’re willing to put into the task!

Water Resistance

Chains are made of metal and metals can rust and corrode. Keeping you chain free from water should hardly bear repeating because it’s so important. It’s imperative to use a motorcycle chain lube that’s formulate to keep water at bay without getting washed away in the process. A good water resistant lubricant will protect your chain over and over again without having to be re-applied after every single rain shower. Water resistance is super important, and the more water resistant a product is (particularly if you live in a rainy and wet area) the better.

Debris Resistance

Dust and debris resistance is another crucial factor. While it’s a bigger issue for those who live and ride in dustier and dryer conditions, it should be something you consider at all times. Dust and debris can get stuck to your chain and gum up your lube. If you’ve got a sticky wad gunking up your chain drive, you’re going to lose performance, and worse, it’s going to attract more nasty stuff to stick to it, which will cause more problems in the long run. If you get a gummy chain, you’re going to have to clean it off and lube up from scratch too, which isn’t a particularly fun or enjoyable task.

The Mess Factor

This is a two-pronged factor that focuses on the actual act of the application, and the immediate aftermath of the application. Firstly, you should check to see just how much mess applying your desired motorcycle chain lube will make. You might need cloths, towels, or rags, and you may need to do it somewhere where you can handle a few unsightly stains on your floor. Some lubes are easy to handle and make no mess at all. Others can be unwieldy to say the least. And then there’s “anti-fling” factor. An anti-fling lubricant promises not to fly off your chain and all over the place as soon as your back wheel starts spinning. Most lubricants promise this, but not all deliver. Definitely check reviews from customers with first-hand experience before committing to a purchase!

Additional Factors

There are even more details that you can worry about if you want to go mad. You can wonder about the differences between solvent-based lubricants and water-based lubes, but that’s not particularly important for the average rider – just read the instructions, and if it sounds like your kind of product, then give it a go. If not, then don’t. It will take a few goes before you buy the best motorcycle chain lube for your bike but luckily, buying a few different cans or tubes of lube isn’t going to bankrupt you in the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is motorcycle chain lube?

Motorcycle chain lubrication is a special lubricant chemically engineered to provide the best lubrication to your chain, protecting it from dirt, grime, and water whilst simultaneously reducing friction, improving performance, and extending the working lifetime of your chain. It is specially designed to perform these functions and more, with different products being tailored to fit different motorcycles, riding environments, riding styles, and mechanical skill levels. Proper chain lube goes a long way and it’s imperative that you take chain lubrication seriously!

How to lube motorcycle chain?

Ideally, you should be asking how to clean and lube motorcycle chain areas. Cleaning your chain first helps your lubricant work more effectively. To clean your chain you’ll need a degreasing product or plain kerosene, and liberally spray it onto your rear sprocket and chain. This dissolves the old lubricant and flushes out grime and dirt. If you keep your bike clean, all you need to do is give it a wipe over whilst turning the rear wheel, and the job is done. If you have a dirty chain, take a brush and give it a scrub. Take care to use an appropriate brush for your chain type. Once you’ve brushed it, give it another spray of kerosene or degreaser, and make sure you thoroughly dry your chain afterwards or your new application of lubricant will not be effective.

Once clean and dry, it’s time to lube it up. This differs depending on what type of lube you’re using. Most spray lubes can be sprayed directly onto the chain. It’s best to aim at the rear sprocket and have the liquid find its way into the chain links whilst you gently turn the wheel. Once the inside of the chain is done, repeat the process aiming at the side of the chain, and then again from the top of the sprocket aiming up into the chain links. Finally, apply another coat from that awkward angle between the wheel and the chain, lubing up the remaining face of the chain. It’s important not to over-lube your chain, so make sure to gently remove the excess with a rag. Finally, you may have to wait for up to 15 minutes for your lube to tack before you’re ready to call the job done.

Different lubricants have different application methods but they all require you to take your safety seriously. Always ensure that your motorcycle is switched off before attempting to clean or lubricate your chain, and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

How often to lube motorcycle chain?

About every 300 miles is good. For optimum performance you should lube your chain after every single ride you take – but that’s just impractical. Unless you’re a competition rider with nothing but performance in mind, then lubing up after every ride makes sense. For the rest of us, with lives to live and things to do, somewhere between 300 and 600 miles should be the kind of lubing interval to aim for. If you haven’t lubed it in a while but haven’t accumulated that many miles, then give it a lube up anyway. It doesn’t hurt to maintain your chain too regularly.

Can I use engine oil to lubricate my motorcycle chain?

Technically, yes but it’s not recommended. Regular engine oil does indeed tick many of the relevant boxes for lubing a motorcycle chain. It’s slick, it will happily remove and dissolve dirt, dust, and grime, and it will keep your chain nice and wet to reduce friction and help it move freely. In an emergency situation it certainly will do the job. For most riders, these emergencies are very rare indeed. That’s why it’s best to use a properly formulated motorcycle chain lube that does all that regular motor oil can do…and more.

Specially developed chain lubricants won’t just lube your chain, they’ll protect them from the effects of water and other elements, prevent dirt from sticking and getting gummed up in your sprocket’s teeth, and keep other contaminants at bay whilst improving the overall longevity of your chain’s life. Sure, engine oil will work, but it may cause more harm than good.

Can I use WD40 as a motorcycle chain lube?

No. WD40 is a fantastic product with many uses but lubing a chain isn’t one of them. Namely its namesake Water Displacement. It’s there to remove water from places where water shouldn’t be. While it does have some mild lubricating properties, it’s not heavy duty enough to lubricate a motorcycle chain. If you’ve got a stubborn lock that won’t turn or a noisy hinge, it’s the right tool for the job. On a chain? Not good enough. It’s good for the cleaning stage of chain maintenance, but not for lubrication. Always remember that the WD in WD40 stands for Water Displacement…not lubrication!

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