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10 Best Motorcycle Cleaner Products [Buying Guide]

Give Your Bike Some TLC With These Top Motorcycle Cleaners

Best Overall Choice

Meguiar’s Motorcycle Care Kit

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Best Budget Choice

Muc-Off Nano-Tech Motorcycle Cleaner

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Best Premium Choice

Turtle Wax Ultimate Motorcycle Cleaning Kit

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Keeping your motorcycle clean should be a part of your regular maintenance routine. And the best way to keep your bike in top shape is to use a properly formulated motorcycle cleaner to tackle the job. With so many different products on the market, from all-inclusive detailing kits to spray-on waterless washes, that you may be wondering which product will give you the best results.

Before buying any type of motorcycle cleaner, it’s wise to identify what kind of motorcycle owner you are.  Do enjoy spending time polishing every metal part of your motorcycle? Or are you happier with a quick wipe-down that requires little time investment? A top-of-the-line detailing kit that you rarely use won’t be as effective as an average bottle of spray cleaner that you pick up regularly.

The Best Motorcycle Cleaners For Everyday Use

Whether you’re in the market for a full detailing kit or simply want an effective, easy-to-use individual product, we’ve rounded up some of the best options so you can spend less time shopping and more time polishing up your ride.

Purchasing (and using) any of these spray cleaners, polishes, waxes, and detailing products will help you to keep your motorcycle looking better and lasting longer. Here are the top 10 best motorcycle cleaner products to keep your bike in top condition.

Best Overall Choice

1. Meguiar’s Motorcycle Care Kit

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Meguiar’s is held in high regard by industry professionals and amateur enthusiasts. Why? Because their comprehensive cleaning products do the job, and they do it well.

This motorcycle care kit groups all the motorcycle cleaning products you need into one easy-to-purchase package. The 7-piece kit comes with six products that are specially formulated to tackle all areas of your motorcycle. From leather wax to chrome polish, this Meguir’s kit has it all.

This Meguiar’s motorcycle cleaning kit includes a bottle of EZ Clean Spray & Rinse, a Detailer Mist & Wipe spray, a small bottle of Liquid Wax, Leather Cleaner and Conditioner, Metal Polish, and Plastic Polish. It also includes a microfiber towel.

The EZ Clean Spray & Rinse is the product you’ll likely use the most. It tackles grime and road dirt and won’t harm metal, plastic, or painted surfaces. From there, the sky’s the limit on how much detailing you want to do with your other motorcycle cleaner products.

Top Features:

  • Comprehensive 7-piece motorcycle cleaner kit
  • Wax, metal polish, plastic polish, detailing mist, and leather cleaner included
  • Also includes a microfiber cloth
  • Eco-friendly and biodegradable
Best Budget Choice

2. Muc-Off Nano-Tech Motorcycle Cleaner

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If you want a top-rated, all-in-one motorcycle cleaner that safe to use on all your bikes, pick up a bottle of Muc-Off’s motorcycle cleaner. This cleaner uses Muc-Off’s state-of-the-art Nano Tech formula to break down dirt and grime on a microscopic level.

The cleaner is safe to use on all of your bike’s surfaces and components, as it’s biodegradable and free from acids, CFCs, and solvents. The alkaline-based formula can even be used on brake pads and disc brake rotors without incident.

You can use this cleaner as a stand-alone product or add it to your full motorcycle cleaning kit. Either way, it will deliver top results for a sparkling finish you can be proud of on your next ride.

Top Features:

  • Easy-to-use
  • Safe on all components and on all bikes
  • Biodegradable
  • Available in 1L and 5L bottles
Best Premium Choice

3. Turtle Wax Ultimate Motorcycle Cleaning Kit

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The Turtle Wax Ultimate Motorcycle Cleaning Kit is a great choice for those who want a wider selection of products to play with. It’s a comprehensive kit that has a bit of everything from motorcycle cleaner solutions and leather conditioner to glass cleaner and metal polish.

The kit comes with three “Quick & Easy” branded cleaning solutions, the Clean & Shine Total Exterior Detailer, the Dash & Glass Interior Detailer, and the Luxe Leather Cleaner & Conditioner. The All Metal Polish is particularly good at shining up your chrome work, and the ICE Spray Wax uses a clever Smart Shield Technology to give your surfaces a streak-free protective coat with a nice shine, too.

To round it up to 7 pieces, Turtle Wax has thrown in two microfiber towels for easy application. When used in combination, these products can clean your entire motorcycle, including plastics, metals, vinyl, leathers, and more, without damaging your paintwork or harming your rubber and seals.

Top Features:

  • 7-piece all-inclusive motorcycle cleaner set
  • Literally “Quick & Easy” detailing products
  • Smart Shield Technology wax finishing spray
  • Products for cleaning plastics, metals, and fabrics
  • Suitable for use on cars as well as motorcycles

4. Wizards Motorcycle Cool Cleaning Kit

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Wizards Cool Cleaning Kit is a must-have motorcycle cleaner kit for those who like to keep their motorcycle looking show-ready all the time. This kit has everything you need to keep your motorcycle sparkling clean.

The 8-piece kit includes a 22-ounce bottle of Wizards Bike Wash, a foaming wash that washes and rinses away road dirt, oil, grease, and grime. You also get a bottle of Wizards Bug Release, Wizards Mist-N-Shine detailing solution, Wizards Shine Master polish and sealant, and a Wizards Multi-Fiber detail cloth. Finally, it comes with a portable 8-ounce bottle of Wizards Mist-N-Shine for detailing on the road.

This motorcycle cleaner set also comes with a kickstand pad to keep your motorcycle upright on uneven terrain, a beer koozie, and a soft-sided cooler that will keep your favorite drinks cold while you’re busy detailing your bike.

This is a comprehensive kit that should particularly appeal to cruiser riders. But no matter what type of bike you ride, you can guarantee that it will give your motorcycle a deep clean and a lasting shine!

Top Features:

  • Full 8-piece detailing kit
  • Strong foam washing spray
  • Wizards Mist-N-Shine delivers a show-winning gloss finish
  • All products are safe for all motorcycle surfaces
  • Bonus gifts include a beer koozie, cooler bag, and kickstand pad

5. S100 Motorcycle Detailing Kit

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The S100 Motorcycle Detailing Kit comes with everything you need to keep your ride spick and span. Starting with a big bottle of S100 Total Cycle Cleaner, this kit also features smaller bottles of Corrosion Protectant, a Finish Restorer, a Detail + Wax solution, plus a cleaning sponge, and a drying towel.

The Spray-on S100 Total Cycle Cleaner is an excellent cleaner that will give your motorcycle a thorough deep clean without any scrubbing. It’s an excellent formula that cuts through grime and grease. The other products will help shine up metal and plastics so your whole bike will look brand new.

Top Features:

  • Includes the S100 Total Cycle Cleaner: the original motorcycle spray-on, rinse-off cleaner
  • Removes dirt, dust, bug splatters, and stains
  • Rust and corrosion protecting components
  • Comes with a drying towel and cleaning sponge

6. Muc-Off Motorcycle Care Pack

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You may have heard of Muc-Off for their mountain bike cleaning kits, but the brand also makes extremely well-respected motorcycle cleaner products.

This little kit isn’t so much of a kit as a two-piece motorcycle cleaning duo: the Muc-Off Nano Tech Motorcycle Cleaner, and the Muc-Off Motorcycle Protectant. It’s only two products, but they work tremendously well together.

The first half of the double-team is the Nano Tech cleaner (which you can also purchase individually). It uses a biodegradable formula to break down and dissolve grit, dirt, dust, and grime. It’s safe to use on any anodized parts or bushings, bearings, carbon fiber, aluminum, rubber, and seals.

The Motorcycle Protectant spray is a post-wash formula that washes off water and residue and leaves behind a non-stick, corrosion-inhibiting PTFE protective layer that will keep your bike clean. It will also help make it a breeze to clean the next time around.

Top Features:

  • Two-part deep clean spray and protectant
  • Biodegradable and environmentally friendly cleaning formula
  • Rust and corrosion inhibiting PTFE coating spray
  • Can be safely used on all motorcycle components
  • Solvent, acid, and CFC free

7. Star Brite Ultimate Bike Guard Spray

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Star Brite has been manufacturing quality products in the U.S. since 1973, so they know a thing or two about making great motorcycle cleaners. And this Ultimate Bike Guard Spray is one of them.

This single 22-ounce bottle of spray-on and wipe-off waterless bike cleaner features PTEF polymers that bond to painted surfaces, resulting in a deep clean that will last and last. The polymers leave behind a protective film that will keep your motorcycle looking sharp for longer. Not just your motorcycle either – the spray can be used on your helmet, car, boat, ATV, truck, and more!

And it doesn’t just protect against dirt, grease, grime, and dead bugs; it also protects against UV rays, keeping fading at bay and enhancing the shine of your plastics or metals. Plus, if you’re looking for an easy application with minimal work, Star Brite claims you can detail your bike in five minutes thanks to the spray-and-wipe application.

Top Features:

  • Waterless spray-on and rinse-off cleaning solution
  • PTEF polymer ingredients that protect your paintwork
  • Actively repels UV rays
  • Ideal for fiberglass, plastics, metal, chrome, and other painted surfaces
  • Made in the USA

8. Motul Wash & Wax Spray

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Motul is a brand name that you can trust. They make excellent motorcycle products that many riders have come to rely on. They also happen to make a really useful Wash & Wax product that’s so easy to use you’ll be cleaning your motorcycle with it after every ride.

This spray is a waterless cleaner. All you need to do is spray it on and wipe down the area. Even stubborn bug splatters will be removed in a matter of seconds! You can use this spray on all parts of your motorcycle including the tank, fairing, frame, swingarm, and more – plus, you can use it on your bike, car, and ATV without worry too.

Motul has more than just excellent lubes. If you’re looking for a very quick, easy, and thorough wash-in-a-can that will actively protect your motorcycle, then give this Motul Wash & Wax a go – you won’t regret it.

Top Features:

  • Washes, shines, and protects without the use of water
  • Removes bug splatters, mud, dirt, grease, and road grime
  • Can be used on all parts of your motorcycle
  • Leaves a protective wax film behind

9. Bike Brite Moto Cleaning Kit

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The Bike Brite Moto Kit features everything you need to keep your motorcycle clean, both at home and on the go. The main motorcycle cleaner in the pack is Bike Brite’s Motorcycle Spray Wash, an easy-to-use 32-ounce bottle of spray cleaner that cuts through dirt, road grime, and grease with ease.

In the kit, you also get a 4-ounce can of Moto Black, a specially formulated wash designed to clean and restore black powder coated parts of your wheels and engine. It’s ideal for use on engine fins, wheel rims, your bike’s frame, and even your brake calipers. It will bring your dull blacks back to life.

The rest of the kit includes a 13-ounce bottle of Plexi-Brite windscreen and helmet visor cleaner, an 8-ounce bottle of Moto Glaze clear coat, aluminum, and chrome polish. If that wasn’t enough, you also get some microfiber cloths for easy application.

Top Features:

  • Moto Black powder coating restoring agent
  • Special formula for clear coat and chrome polishing
  • Includes three microfiber cloths

10. Slick Products Off-Road Cleaning Kit

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If your idea of a good time is getting your dirt bike out in the mud, muck, or dust, this Slick Off motorcycle cleaning kit is a great option to spiff up your bike after a day off-road.

The kit comes with three products — a super-concentrated Off-Road Wash, a multi-purpose Cleaner & Degreaser, and a multi-surface Shine & Protectant. Along with that, you also get a microfiber mitt, a scrub brush, and a microfiber towel.

Specifically formulated for use on dirt bikes, ATVs, UTVs, and other off-road toys, this kit cleans and protects your dirt bike so you can have even more fun in the mud.

Top Features:

  • Removes heavy dirt & mud
  • Won’t strip lubrication or dry out bearings
  • Won’t harm metal and painted surfaces or fade plastics
  • Restores surfaces and reduces mud from sticking
  • Significantly shortens your wash time

Motorcycle Cleaner Buying Guide

So which motorcycle cleaner is the best for you? You might have noticed that buying a cleaning and detailing kit isn’t as simple as buying the cheapest one you can find. And it’s not just the quality of the cleaner that’s important; it’s all the extras that go with it as well as the point and purpose of the cleaner in the first place.

Do you want to clean grease and grime in a hurry? Or do you prefer to take your time and produce a show-worthy finish? Are you looking for a product that just cleans the bug splatters off of the fairings, or are you planning to go the whole hog and clean every single nut, bolt, and spacer? There’s a lot you need to consider when buying a motorcycle cleaner to make sure you end up with the kit or product that is right for you.

Why You Should Use a Motorcycle Cleaner

Cleaning your motorcycle is an important part of your maintenance routine. Roads are often coated with harmful chemicals and grease that can migrate onto your motorcycle and cause lasting damage if not cleaned properly. Dirt build-ups can also lead to rust and corrosion and damage to your seals, gaskets, and paint. That’s why washing your bike regularly is essential to keep it in good condition.

And before you reach for any old soap, consider this: using dish washing detergents, household cleaners, and other soaps can cause similar damage. This is why it’s essential to clean your bike with a specially formulated motorcycle cleaner that won’t harm your bike’s metals, paintwork, plastics, and other components.

Modern motorcycle cleaner products come in a wide variety of different strengths and different formulas to provide the right cleaning agent to the right part of a motorcycle. Here are a few good reasons to invest in a proper motorcycle cleaner.

Easy to Use

First things first; they’re the right tool for the job. Having the right equipment makes any job a million times easier. Buying a dedicated motorcycle cleaning kit means that you’ve won half your cleaning battle before it even started.

A good motorcycle cleaner will be a simple waterless spray that you can point, shoot, wait, and wipe away. The days of pressure washers, foamy bubbles, giant sponges, and wasted Sundays are long gone. However, if you enjoy your cleaning ritual, you also have a wide range of detailing products to let you go that extra mile.

Say Goodbye to Dull Metals

Most new spray-on and rinse-off products don’t contain harmful chemicals, and they don’t take bucket loads of water to apply. This means your bike’s metal components won’t get dull, grey, and bleached from exposure to chemicals or water. Thanks to these new spray-on formulas, fading engine casings and the like will soon be a thing of the past.

Make Your Motorcycle Live Longer

Protect your motorcycle from premature wear and tear and other part failures by regularly cleaning it with a motorcycle cleaner. Most products actively protect your motorcycle’s paint and components after they’ve been washed, leaving behind a thin protective film that inhibits rust, corrosion, and the deterioration of your seals. Not all products do this, but the vast majority will.

What to Look For in a Motorcycle Cleaner

At this point, you shouldn’t need any more convincing about why you should buy a decent motorcycle cleaner. The next question is what should you be shopping for? And what kind of products offer the best value for money? Here are a few suggestions about what to keep in mind when you’re shopping for motorcycle cleaning products.

All-In-One Cleaning Products

Since motorcycles are made up of different materials with different properties, what’s cleans one part well could be harmful to another. If you’re shopping for a one-size-fits-all motorcycle cleaner, make sure that it has been formulated to clean every part of your bike without causing any damage.

There are plenty of benefits to an all-purpose and all-surface cleaner; they’re convenient and stress-free. Make sure you find one that’s gentle enough to use on all parts of your motorcycle, but also tough enough to cut through road grime and other dirt.

Specific Cleaning Solutions

All-purpose cleaners are great, but they won’t match up to specialized cleaning formulas that are part- and material-specific. When shopping around for a specialized cleaner, make sure you’re buying a product that you actually need.

If your bike features a lot of chrome, then you’re going to want a chrome cleaner and polish. If your bike has a lot of plastic, look for specially formulated plastic cleaners. Think about every component of your motorcycle, such as your leather upholstery, glass, vinyls, chrome-work, and plastic, and shop for a product for each.

Finishing Products

Cleaning your motorcycle is one thing, but if you want that “just washed” look to last and if you want to protect that finish, you’re going to need a good wax or other sealant. A good sealant will leave your motorcycle looking polished and glossy and add a thin protective layer to protect your paint from damage.

Some polishes and finishing products also have wax-like films, but it’s worth researching to see what type of wax or protective film will give you the best results for your bike. Don’t forget that there are some products that even offer UV-ray protection, which will protect against the discoloration, cracking, and fading caused by sun damage.

Fast Detailing Products

Lastly, there’s another kind of product that you might be interested in — waterless spray cleaners. Some people call these products “detailers in a can.” If you’re looking for a product that you can use quickly and regularly without much hassle, this is the one for you.

These fast detailing products don’t necessarily provide really deep cleans, but they’re perfect for a quick post-ride touch-up. They clean and polish without the use of water, and if you’re serious about keeping your motorcycle in tip-top condition, having a can nearby will help keep your bike clean.

Detailing Kits vs. Individual Products

You can often find all-in-one detailing kits that feature a selection of motorcycle cleaner and detailing solutions. Or you can purchase a motorcycle cleaning solution individually. So which one should you go for? We’d recommend both!

A comprehensive detailing kit is a great asset to any garage. You’ll get a small selection of great products. Unfortunately, these kits generally only feature small-sized bottles or a limited selection. A detailing kit gives you the chance to see what products you like, which ones you don’t, and which ones you use a lot.

We recommend investing in a kit and then restocking it with bigger bottles of the stuff you use the most. Or restocking it with better products (or rather, more useful products) from other brands. That way, you can customize your kit with the right products for the job and won’t overspend on products you don’t need or won’t use.

What Other Accessories Do You Need?

Having the right bike wash, care kit, and motorcycle cleaner is only half of the battle. You’re going to need something to apply those products with, and some more heavy-duty equipment to help remove the really stubborn dirt.

Microfiber cloths are great, but they’re often not tough enough to deal with the worst dirt. Invest in a good wash mitt, wheel brush, chain cleaning brush, sponge, and drying towel too.

Similarly, you might need some more niche products to detail your motorcycle properly. For example, after a thorough wash, you’ll need to lubricate your chain. And if you’re going to be hardcore, a good motorcycle carb cleaner could also be required too

Get The Best Motorcycle Cleaner For The Job

Using the right bike cleaner will make your motorcycling washing ritual much easier. The correct product for the correct part will add years to the lifespan of your motorcycle and keep it looking good in the process. Though there’s no perfect one-size-fits-all cleaning product that will work for every type of motorcycle, we’ve put together a list of our favorite cleaners that will work wonders on most motorcycles out there.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I was my motorcycle?

Regular washes should be part of your maintenance routine even if your motorcycle looks clean. But you can overdo it. Too much washing can wash away lubricants and other protective films.

Ideally, you should do a thorough wash every couple of weeks, supplemented with a quick wipe down after every ride. If you ride dirt bikes, you should be washing your bike down properly after every heavy ride.

Can you wash a motorcycle with dish soap?

We do not recommend washing your motorcycle with dish soap. Dish soap isn’t the right detergent for the job. It’s often too strong for motorcycle finishes and can end up doing more harm than good.

Dish soap can remove any protective wax that might be on your motorcycle, harm your clear coat, and result in accidental scratches to your motorcycle’s finish. Special motorcycle wash products exist for a reason, and you should invest in them if you want to keep your motorcycle in good shape.

How often should I wax my motorcycle?

The answer to this depends on a couple of factors — who you’re talking to and how serious you are about paint protection. Some riders wax after every ride. Other riders never wax their motorcycle at all. A good balance is to wax your motorcycle every three months or at the beginning, middle, and end of your riding season.


Can you pressure wash a motorcycle?

Yes – but only if you exercise caution. There are times when a pressure wash may be necessary but unless you’re a dirt bike rider, these occasions should be few and far between.

Only use a pressure washer when you’re dealing with some really stubborn dirt. Even then, make sure that you’re careful about which parts you blast with high pressure.

Feel free to go nuts on the rims and mudguards, but try to steer clear of anything electrical. The engine can also be pressure washed but take care and don’t flood the thing. Always use some common sense!

What is the best chrome cleaner for motorcycles?

Our vote for the best motorcycle chrome cleaner currently on the market is either Mothers California Gold All Chrome Polish or the Niteo Cyclo No7 Chrome & Metal Polish. Both of these products will bring the shine back to your chrome and give it some added protection.


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