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Motorcycle Cop 1

When A Motorcycle Cop Can’t Ride Their Own Bike! (Video)

Epic Fail: This Motorcycle Cop Can’t Even Ride Her Bike!

A motorcycle cop has recently made waves on the internet after being caught on camera in an embarrassing situation. We’ve seen motorcycle cops up to no good, we’ve seen them performing dangerous maneuvers, and we’ve even seen them do the impossible. However, in all of the viral videos that we’ve seen involving motorcycle cops, they’ve all had one reoccurring theme: they could all ride their motorcycles. This unfortunate cop isn’t quite so talented. Although, that might be being a little unfair.

Hapless Motorcycle Cop Caught On Camera!

Motorcycle Cop 1

According to reports, this video was captured in South Africa. South Africa’s motorcycle police have a pretty fearsome reputation, and if you cast your minds back you might remember a fairly heavy duty police chase that involved a South African bike cop shooting out a car’s tires whilst he was riding along a road. This cop, however, doesn’t look nearly as frightening. The poor woman is quite obviously in no position to go hunting down any criminals…

Motorcycle Cop 3

You see, this cop was caught on film struggling to operate her bike by herself. She can’t reach the floor, she can’t handle the weight of it, and it looks like a recipe for disaster. In the video we can see an upstanding member of the public coming to her aid and giving her a helping hand while the cop tries to get a handle on her service vehicle…but even with the extra pair of hands the whole situation still results in failure. After dropping the motorcycle completely, the unlucky police officer eventually manages to get the bike upright, back on it, and after some sketchy tip-toeing, manages to pull away and out onto the road. It’s a painful watch, but take a look at this hapless motorcycle cop in action…

As funny as it is, and as easy as it is to make fun of this poor police woman, we’d just like to point out that this probably isn’t her fault really. Most motorcycle cops can actually ride a motorcycle, and we’re guessing this officer is no different. However, we think her bosses need to do their department a favor and put this cop on a motorcycle more suited to her size and stature. Or if the force is unwilling to accommodate a shorter rider, they should probably put them in a different unit. This isn’t an example of a bad motorcycle cop, this is an example of poor management instead. Still, it’s pretty funny to watch regardless of who’s at fault…!

Motorcycle Cop 1


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