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Ranking The Best Motorcycle Sheds On The Market

These Are The Best Motorcycle Storage Sheds That You Can Buy

Best Overall Choice

Bike Shield Motorcycle Shelter

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Best Premium Choice

Bosmere Trimetals A400 Motorcycle Storage Unit

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Best Budget Choice

Quictent Heavy Duty Motorcycle Shelter Shed

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Parking in a motorcycle shed

A dedicated motorcycle shed is one of the things to store your motorcycle in. While there’s nothing quite like a real garage, a smaller shed can be a more practical options for riders with limited space. Today, there’s no shortage of useful storage options on the market. These products range from permanent motorcycle shed structures, to portable and collapsible motorcycle tents. Both are excellent choices, so we’re going to cover a mix of both styles in this list.

The more permanent structures are aimed at riders who want something strong, sturdy, and weatherproof that they can park their motorcycle in. These structures are ideal for heavy duty storage that keeps out the weather, but most importantly, keeps thieves at bay too. A solid structure is a great deterrent. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible for riders to build permanent sheds: they might not have the land owner’s permission, or they may not have the space. And that’s what makes the next style of motorcycle shed a viable alternative.

Temporary storage motorcycle sheds are very popular options. They come in a variety of styles, but the vast majority are floor-mounted structures with folding and retractable covers. These retractable motorcycle shed tents are great for riders who need to park up and store their motorcycle quickly, and for riders who have limited space. They’re actually great options for motorcyclists who have a garage too. Simply install them inside your garage for double protection, keeping dust and UV rays away from your pride and joy.

With both styles of motorcycle shed having pros and cons, we’re going to cover them both in our list of the best motorcycle storage shed and shelters that you can currently buy. Here they are.

Best Overall Choice

1. Bike Shield Motorcycle Shelter

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This retractable motorcycle shed and shelter is a self-enclosing storage cover unit that offers 100% rain protection. All you do is assemble the frame, bolt the structure to the ground for added stability, and drive your motorcycle into the shelter. If you’re looking for a relatively inexpensive motorcycle shed that you can comfortably park your motorcycle in, that will resist even the heaviest of rain and snowfall, then consider this cool product.

It’s manufactured from sturdy square-shaped galvanized steel piping that slots together to make a strong retractable frame. The frame covering is made from a heavy-duty waterproof material that resists rain, wind, and snow, whilst also offering excellent UV protection. It features ventilation windows that prevent the build-up of moisture too. Plus, since the shed is quite wide, there’s no danger of any exhaust heat damaging the cover.

It’s available in three different sizes to make sure that you get the right fit necessary for your needs. While most motorcycles will fit in the medium-sized shed, it’s worth noting that larger cruisers with taller front screens or with full touring luggage attached may require the large size. We recommend that you measure your motorcycle’s dimensions before buying to avoid disappointment. All Bike Shield products have a one year warranty that protects buyers from manufacturing defects.


Available in 3 sizes to fit all motorcycles

100% waterproof enclosure

1 year manufacturer’s warranty


It needs to be bolted to the floor

Ventilation could be better

Assembly instructions aren’t easy to follow

Best Premium Choice

2. Bosmere Trimetals A400 Motorcycle Storage Unit

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For motorcycle enthusiasts who prefer a heavy duty motorcycle shed, this is what you need. Manufactured by Bosemere Trimetals, this motorcycle shelter has it all: it’s completely enclosed, it keeps the elements at bay, it’s manufactured from a strong and sturdy materials, and it will make any potential motorcycle thief think twice. Unfortunately, it’s also expensive and could be too big for some riders, but if you’re looking for the premium motorcycle shed option, this is it.

On the outside, the Bosmere Trimetals A400 Motorcycle Storage Unit features PVC coated and fire-resistant galvanized steel panels and heavy duty stainless steel fixings that will keep the weather out and won’t rust in the process. Each shed comes with a 15 year panel guarantee, so you can have a worry-free user experience. It can be assembled in a quick and simple way, and only requires basic tools for assembly. It’s also free-standing, and doesn’t require any wall attachments. But what’s it like on the inside?

The interior features ample storage space. The length is 109 inches by 75 inches, with an impressive total of 88 inches in height. The entrance is made from double-wide doors that offer easy access, and can be place at either end of the unit depending on your personal preference. As motorcycle sheds go, this is a particularly hard-wearing and heavy-duty unit that will really do the job. It is expensive though, however, it’s actually quite cheap when you consider the size and quality of the product.


15 year panel guarantee

Ample storage space

Stainless steel fixings


It’s relatively expensive

It requires a lot of space

Must be assembled on a flat surface

Best Budget Choice

3. Quictent Heavy Duty Motorcycle Shelter Shed

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The Quictent Heavy Duty Motorcycle Shelter is an excellent temporary motorcycle shed that can be used to protect your motorcycle from the elements and from bike thieves too. It’s a simple shelter with a retractable cover that accommodates almost every kind of motorcycle and will appeal to every kind of rider. What’s more, it’s priced very well, and in terms of value for money, you can’t do much better than this.

Manufactured form a heavy-duty black power-coated 1mm steel tubing frame that offers excellent strength and excellent rust resistance, this Quictent product has an extra thick cover with impressive properties. It’s made from 600D Oxford Fabric with a polyurethane lining which offers extremely high water repellence, along with anti-ultraviolet protection too. It’s breathable, with mesh ventilation windows that keep air flowing through the shelter and prevent the build-up of excess moisture under the cover.

For an added bonus, Quictent has equipped this Shelter Shed with a very useful TSA code lock as a theft-deterrent. Obviously, it’s not the sturdiest of locks, but one more motorcycle lock may deter a determined thief, so it’s better to have it than not. For the best results, use the lock and shed in combination with other motorcycle locks and security devices, and anchor the tent to the ground to protect it from high winds.


Strong steel tubing frame

Retractable 600D Oxford Fabric cover

TSA lock comes with the purchase


Requires floor anchors to be truly weather proof

It doesn’t have a floor

Bolts require regular tightening

4. Car Capsule 8 Foot Inflatable Motorcycle Storage

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This storage product Car Capsule is an excellent choice for riders who really like to make their motorcycle comfortable. It’s an inflatable shed that you can setup indoors, or outside providing that the weather isn’t too aggressive. To make it work, simply unroll the tent, park your motorcycle on top of it, zip it together, and inflate! Inflation takes around a minute, and it’s as simple as that. But it’s not just an inflatable cover. There’s more going on underneath than you’d think.

The Car Capsule uses electricity to inflate itself, but it also uses electricity to power a small fan that runs continuously. The fan provides airflow that keeps your motorcycle dry and prevents condensation build-up. A clever Evaporative Storage System filters the air between 3 to 6 times an hour, removing the threat of condensation build-up, and keeping your motorcycle safe.

The actual bubble is made from a tough 10mm PVC, held together with radio frequency welded seams. Underneath, the base made is made from a mildew, abrasion, and flame resistant 18mm thick PVC, that also resists freezing and the negative effects of oil and gasoline. The dimensions are 96 inches in length, 32 inches in width, and 68 inches high. Check your motorcycle’s dimensions before investing to avoid disappointment.


Perfect for temperature control

Keeps elements at bay

Protects against moisture build-up


Not really meant for outdoor use

Filter could be more robust

May not fit larger cruisers with bolt-on add-ons

5. EZ Travel Collection Portable Motorcycle Storage Shed

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This motorcycle shed is a practical and affordable portable storage solution for those who need motorcycle protection but don’t have the space for a more permanent structure. Unlike other temporary motorcycle tents and sheds, this one is actually very versatile and can accommodate more than just a motorcycle. It can also be used for ATVs and jet skis too!

This temporary motorcycle shed from EZ Travel Collection is made from a frame of lightweight metal poles that easily slot together. The actual covering is a strong and durable fabric that keeps the water and wind out, and protects against UV rays too. It measures about 5 ft by 10 ft, with a height of around 7 ft, which is more than enough to fit most motorcycles. This shelter also includes reinforced ground supports, plastic windows, and a front door panel with two secure zippers. Inside, this motorcycle shed also features two handy shelves which can handle a good amount of weight.

The best feature about the EZ Travel Collection Portable Motorcycle Storage Shed has to be its simplicity. It’s easy to assemble, easy to anchor, easy to use, and what’s more, it can be taken down in no time at all, and packed into a small space. If you need a larger storage space that has a portable quality to it, then you should definitely consider this one.


Very spacious motorcycle shed

Sturdy ground anchors

Two bonus indoor storage shelves


Heavy rain and snow can rip sagging material

Not ideal for long-term storage, but ok for seasonal protection

Zippers could be stronger

6. Shelter Logic Shed-In-A-Box

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If you’re looking for a large outdoor shed to store your motorcycle in, with enough room for you to perform some light maintenance too, then you should consider the aptly named Shed-In-A-Box from Shelter Logic. For not a lot of money, you get a 10 x 10-foot outdoor storage shed that can be used for a wide range of tasks in all weathers. All in, you get a total of 98 square feet of storage space, all in tidy and practical unit.

The shed is made from an all-steel metal frame with a durable powder-coated coating that prevents rust, peeling, and corrosion. The frame components are held in place with ShelterLock stabilizers, making for a strong and sturdy skeleton. On top, the shed features a 7.5 ounce-per-square-meter waterproof polyethylene cover made from heat sealed panels for extra water resistance. It’s topped with a RipStop UV-resistant fabric cover for added protection too.

Held in place with Ratchet-Tite tensioners and kept on terra firma with 15 auger ground anchors, the Shelter Logic Shed-In-A-Box is perfect for those looking for a decent motorcycle shed that can’t commit to a brick and mortar garage. Not only is it great for motorcycle storage and protection, but it’s also a really handy garden shed too.


Large storage space with a small footprint

1 year limited warranty

Strong steel frame construction


It’s not particularly easy to assemble

Dry rot can be a problem if not cared for

May require additional ground anchors

7. Speed-Way MTS Sport Shelter

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Here we have another retractable roll top-style motorcycle shed that’s designed for safe and secure parking, whilst simultaneously protecting your motorcycle from the elements. This lightweight product is one of the best motorcycle storage options that we’ve seen. It’s relatively cheap to buy, spacious in size, and quick to install—though you might want to enlist the help of a friend when you put this one together.

It’s manufactured from metal tubing for rigidity, with a very strong and heavy duty polyester fabric with a 700mm polyurethane coating, fully taped seams, and a general waterproof nature. Unlike a lot of similar products, this one doesn’t come with a floor, but that makes it perfect for easy transportation if you need to relocate your shed.

While it’s advertised as an outdoor motorcycle shed, if you live in regions with particularly bad weather, then this won’t be as effective as other models. Since it doesn’t have a floor, the fabric cover doesn’t actually reach the floor. This is great for ventilation and stopping water from building up, but it’s not so good in strong winds or with heavy, lashing rains. Still, it’s an excellent product for those in milder climates, or for riders who like to go belt-and-braces by parking in a shelter, in a covered garage.


Spacious motorcycle shed with retractable cover

Weatherproof and durable

Quick installation


May not be practical in extreme weather

Doesn’t include a floor or base plate

Included ground anchors would make this a better product

8. Best Mart Inc Ripstop Motorcycle Shed

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The Best Mart Inc motorcycle shed is a great option for riders who are looking for a temporary shelter for their motorcycles, but also need a lot of space to work in too. Unlike other shelters, this one is incredibly spacious. In fact, the total dimensions of this shelter are 10 x 10 x 8 ft, which makes it more than big enough for a motorcycle or two…or even a small car! If you’re looking for a decent dollar to square foot ratio, then this product should interest you.

Constructed from a sturdy 1-3/8 inch steel frame with a durable powder coated finish, this shed is very secure, stable, and resistant to the negative effects of rust and corrosion. The protective cover is made from a tight-fitting, waterproof and windproof polyethylene material. The covering is held in place with a Ratchet-Tite strap system, which helps pull the cover to a drum-tight finish, which prevents any sagging from heavy rain or snowfall, and stops any flapping in the wind.

What’s more: it’s very easy to assemble and install. The instructions can be hard to follow, but since most of the assembly is fairly straight-forward, you shouldn’t have any trouble. The only downsides to this product are the fact that it doesn’t have a floor (you might have to buy your own tarp if you need floor coverage) and that it doesn’t have the best ventilation in the world. These are only very minor issues on an otherwise fantastic product. Lastly, it’s available in two colors: grey or beige.


Spacious motorcycle shed

Very affordable price

Tight-fitting weatherproof cover


Ventilation isn’t amazing

Assembly instructions are difficult to follow

Needs extra ties for heavy winds

9. Mophorn Motorcycle Shelter Shed

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Next, we have another exceptional retractable motorcycle shed shelters. This particular model is form Mophorn, and what makes it particularly noteworthy is the fact that it’s very well-made, with high-quality components, but comes at a very, very reasonable and budget-friendly price tag. It’s well engineered, sturdy, strong, and comes with some unexpected and pleasant bonus features too. It’s a great option for the budget-conscious rider who needs to get their motorcycle undercover in a hurry.

The main frame of this shed is manufactured from galvanize steel poles. They slot together and joint at two base plates which can be bolted onto the ground if you’re looking for a permanent fixture. Otherwise, this shelter can be secured with soft ground anchors. The actual covering is made of a hard wearing 600D Oxford polyester material that offers excellent waterproofing and wind protection. Naturally, it’s UV resistant too.

The dimensions are a spacious 106.5 inches in length, 41.5 inches in width, with a maximum height of 61 inches. It’s big enough to accommodate almost every type of motorcycle on the market, but owners of larger cruisers with additional luggage and add-ons might want to double check their motorcycle’s dimensions before pulling the trigger on this purchase. In short: this is a great product for riders on a budget looking for a hard-wearing shelter.


Wallet-friendly shed alternative

Tough 600D polyester fabric

Can be bolted to the ground if necessary


Assembly instructions can be confusing

Wide mirrors may not fit in this shelter

May not fit all motorcycle types

10. VUZ Moto 3 Person Motorcycle Tent

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This suggestion is a bit of a radical one. It’s not a standard motorcycle shed or regular outdoor storage solution, but don’t discount it right away. Big bulky marquee-like storage shelters might not be for everyone, and retractable covers are only so useful. For some riders, something like this might be the perfect solution: a 3-person tent that you can park your motorcycle in. Sure, it’s designed for motorcycle touring, but why not use it in the garden as an element-proof, temporary workshop that you can pop-up when the weather’s on the turn? If it can sleep a human, it can sleep a motorcycle, right?

You’ll be surprised at just how spacious this tent it. It has an 18 x 8 foot footprint, which is more than enough for a motorcycle to park in. It’s manufactured from a lightweight aluminum pole construction, with a tough waterproof shelter that can withstand heavy rains and strong winds, with 10,000mm waterproofing to really keep the water out. It’s so easy to set up and take down, and only takes about 15 minutes for both, and it’s lightweight and easy to store too.

Granted, it’s only a 3 season tent, so you could only really use it as a motorcycle shed between Spring and Fall, but that’s not too shabby for a versatile tent like this with an affordable price tag too. And if you want, you can always strap it down to your seat and take it with you when you’re off on your next big moto-adventure. Granted, it’s an unconventional motorcycle shed, but if you’re a rider who likes the thrill of the open road, why not kill two birds with one stone with this purchase?


Lightweight and durable motorcycle parking

It’s also a practical 3-person tent

Huge space


It’s not really a motorcycle shed

Only usable in three seasons

Interior stitching could be better

Motorcycle Shed & Outdoor Shelter Buying Guide

You might have noticed from the list above that there are many different types of motorcycle shed. Obviously, if you have a good old fashioned brick and mortar garage, then there really is no replacement for it. However, some riders aren’t blessed with a garage and need an alternative motorcycle storage method. You want something that protects your bike, but it needs to be more heavy duty than your average motorcycle cover product.

So what should you be looking for? What types of outdoor storage tent or motorcycle shelter are available? This buying guide should give you a comprehensive overview of the types of products available on the market, and what features you should be looking out for.

The Types Of Outdoor Motorcycle Shed Available

Solid Sheds

A real heavy duty motorcycle shelter will have solid walls and a solid roof. These particular sheds are great for motorcycle storage and for performing maintenance. They keep the elements at bay and provide a strong shelter that can also keep your motorcycle safe from thieves. Unfortunately, they’re usually quite expensive. They’re permanent structures, and because of that, they won’t be for everyone.

Portable Tents

These tents are idea for those with limited space, a smaller budget, and who prefer something that can easily be removed if necessary. Essentially, these temporary sheds are life garden marquees or camping tents: they rely on a metal frame with a waterproof covering. They need to be staked to the ground to stop them from blowing away, but even then, additional tie-downs may be necessary. Generally, they’re very robust and quite affordable, but they may not suit everyone.

Retractable Covers

Some motorcycle shed alternatives include these specialist covers that have retractable, roll-down roofs. These make for great motorbike storage options for riders with limited space. In essence, these covers are a series of frames that are secured to the floor, with a concertina-style covering mechanism. The frames open and close, revealing a shell-like cover.

For the best results, it’s always recommended that you find a tent that can be secured to the floor permanently. That’s the best way to keep the elements out. Riders love these because you can easily ride onto their footprint, and park and cover your motorcycle in seconds. They are very useful for parking, but they’re not at all suited to rider’s who need space to perform maintenance.

Inflatable Storage Chambers

Lastly, there are inflatable storage chambers. These unusual-sounding storage sheds are more common than you might think. They’re the scaled-down motorcycle version of similar car-sized products. In short, they’re an inflatable dome that inflated around your motorcycle, keeping the elements, dust, and humidity at bay. They often come with moisture regulating fans and pumps, with additional vents and protection too.

They’re excellent for adding extra protection to an already protected motorcycle, but they may struggle if used outdoors in inclement weather. Light rain and a gentle breeze would be no problem, but strong winds and heavy precipitation will definitely damage the bubble-effect of these unusual motorcycle shelters. In conclusion: great for indoor protection, may work outside, but only if the weather is ok; plus, they’re generally quite expensive, so that might put off unsure buyers too.

Important Things To Consider

Since every rider has different criteria that they look out for when selecting a motorcycle shed, and no shelter is truly universal, there are quite a few different details that you should keep in mind when you’re searching for an outdoor storage option. Here are the most important things to consider when shopping:


This is probably the most important thing to consider, and you need to think carefully about it because there are two reasons why size is important. Firstly, you need to consider the size of the space where you plan to use the shed. If space is a premium, you may need to opt for a shelter with the smallest footprint possible. If you’ve got more space to play with, perhaps you can opt for a larger shed which actually has enough space for you to work on your motorcycle while it’s parked too?

Secondly, there’s the size of your motorcycle. It’s important that you measure the length, width, and height of your motorcycle before you buy anything. Adventure motorcycles can be taller than the average bike, cruisers can have longer wheelbases, and touring bike with additional bags can be very wide. Take all of these things into consideration while you’re shopping around.


Don’t buy something you can’t assemble. It’s as simple as that. When searching, it’s always important to look at the reviews, because many reviewers will mention if a structure was easy to assemble or if it was a nightmare. Even if something is easy to install, ask yourself if you have all the skills and tools necessary to do the job. It’s all very well buying a bargain price shelter to save some money, but if it requires you to buy a whole collection of new power tools to assemble it, it’s not much good to you.

Similarly, it’s always worth looking at whether installation requires any permanent anchors or not. If you have to make holes in the ground or in a wall, this may affect your purchasing decision.

Permanent Or Temporary?

Following on directly from the last point, you should ask yourself whether you’re looking for a permanent or temporary structure. Temporary structures are generally cheaper and easier to install, but they’re not as robust as their permanent counterparts. They’re much more portable though, and you can use them in a variety of different places. Permanent structures are harder to install, require more effort, and cost considerably more. In return, they offer superior elemental protection and far more every-day practicality. Deciding what type of motorcycle shed you need can be difficult!

Air Flow

Ventilation is very important when it comes to motorcycle storage. You want to keep your motorcycle covered up to protect it from the rain, but moisture can easily build up when your pride and joy is safely under cover too. Whatever kind of shed, shelter, or protective cover you decide to purchase, make sure that there’s adequate ventilation. Moisture can lead to rust and corrosion, it can also dull paint work and metals, and it can perish rubber components. It’s often over-looked, but whatever you do, don’t forget about air-flow!


Motorcycle security is another factor that all riders should take into consideration. Thieves are everywhere, and motorcycles are very easy prey. However, a motorcycle shed is one extra layer of protection that will definitely help to deter even the most determined thieves. Combine a motorcycle shed, or shelter, or cover, with a number of locks and chains, and you can guarantee that a potential thief will take one look at your setup and move on to easier pickings.

Every layer of protection extends the time that a theft can take, and every moment increases the likelihood of a thief getting caught. Take your motorcycle’s overall security into account when you’re shopping around for a shelter to park your bike in.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should A Motorcycle Shed Be Made Of?

The main material for your motorcycle shed greatly depends on your situation. If you’re on a budget or find yourself with limited space, then a plastic covering will do the job. It will be easy to assemble, cheap, and fairly durable. However, if you have the space, the funds, and the time, a stronger storage shed made from metal or wood will be a far superior option. They’re more versatile and practical, plus you can store more than just a motorcycle in them.

Does A Motorcycle Shed Need To Be Waterproof?

Yes. This is essential. All motorcycle storage covers, sheds, and garages are built and designed purely to keep your motorcycle protected from the elements. If you’ve got a shed that isn’t waterproof, you should scrap it and replace it with something that is.

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