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Best Motorcycle Stand of 2020 [Review and Buying Guide]

These Are The Best Motorcycle Paddock Stands That You Can Buy

Best Premium Choice
Bursig Center Lift Stand

Bursig Center Lift Stand

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Best Overall Choice
Venom Sport Bike Motorcycle Front and Rear Combo Wheel Stand

Venom Motorcycle Front and Rear Combo Wheel Stand

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Best Budget Choice
SafStar Motorcycle Rear Stand

SafStar Motorcycle Rear Stand

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best motorcycle stand

A motorcycle stand isn’t an obvious piece of essential motorcycling equipment, but they’re extremely useful. While it’s not as important as a new helmet or a fancy back protector, and not as flashy as a new set of wrenches or T handled sockets, a good motorcycle stand will revolutionize the way that you park, protect, clean, and service your bike.

The right motorcycle stand will make it easy for you to securely park your motorcycle. Raising parts of your bike off of the floor can help you keep your bike protected from thieves. It allows you to use more security devices in tandem. Plus, raising your motorcycle’s tires off of the floor protects them from the cold when they’re in storage. Most importantly, a good motorcycle stand will make your maintenance and servicing routine much, much easier!

These simple stands gently lift and hold up your motorcycle, creating a stable, safe, and secure situation. A motorcycle on a stand offers much-improved access, making maintenance a dream. There’s a good reason why professional race mechanics use paddock stands at the races. And why professional mechanics use stands and lifts when performing a service.

Best Motorcycle Stands

Since there are hundreds of different motorcycle stands available on the market, in a variety of different styles, and for a myriad of different purposes, we’ve put together a list of our favorites. Here are the best motorcycle stand products currently on the market:

Best Premium Choice

1. Bursig Center Lift Stand

Bursig Center Lift Stand

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In first place, we have the Center Lift Stand from Bursig. It offers more than your average motorcycle stand, but it does come with a premium price tag. This 100% German-made stand is designed for those who need to make the most of their space. It’s a wheeled stand that grasps on to your motorcycle with a secure fastener, lifts it up off of the ground, and then can be turned and wheeled in any direction you need. Essentially, it means you can confidently park your motorcycle anywhere, even in the tightest of spots!

Manufactured from strong galvanized steel, the stand is tough and sturdy, and able to support the weight of even the heaviest of motorcycles. Since it’s a frame-lift paddock stand, it’s not as easy to set up as usual wheel-mounted stands and it actually requires a separately sold adapter plate to make sure that it’s compatible with your motorcycle. It might be more complicated, but it’s worth the hassle and additional costs if you regularly perform maintenance on your motorcycle or attend track days.

Oil changes, chain lubing, motor work, and wheel removal becomes a breeze with one of these supporting your bike. We highly recommend this motorcycle stand.


Lifetime factory warranty

100% German made

Offers excellent workshop maneuverability


Expensive price

Additional parts are required

Can be tricky to set up – we recommend an extra pair of hands

2. Pit Bull Standard Rear Stand

Pit Bull Standard Rear Stand

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This incredibly solid and stable rear stand from Pit Bull is ideal for those looking for a motorcycle ith a universal fit. It works by gripping onto the swingarm with rubber padded supports. And it can be adjusted to accommodate a wide range of widths. It can be bought in three variations: with a non-removable handle, a removable handle, and with an extended removable handle. The handle feature is important since the stand relies on leverage to operate, but the handle can get in your way if workspace is at a premium.

The Pit Bull Standard Rear Stand is made from heavy-duty steel, with a durable zinc-plating. It’s also made in the USA too.

This is one of the best motorcycle stands overall since it’s fairly universal. It fits most types of street and sports bikes. It doesn’t’ require any of those bikes to have specific parts to latch on to, since it’s s swingarm style motorcycle stand. That being said, if you have a motorcycle that has spools equipped, we recommend that you use the spooled version of these Pit Bull stands, specific for your motorcycle brand. However, if you don’t have spools fitted or want a one-size-fits-all motorcycle stand that you can use on multiple bikes, then this is definitely worth buying. It’s strong, practical, affordable, and incredibly versatile.


Almost completely universal

Heavy duty steel construction

Made in the USA


Not as secure as a spool mounted stand

Can be bulky if you choose the non-removable handle model

May not fit some models

Best Overall Choice

3. Venom Motorcycle Front and Rear Combo Wheel Stand

Venom Sport Bike Motorcycle Front and Rear Combo Wheel Stand

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If you’re looking for a bargain set of motorcycle stands then this front and rear combo wheel lift set from Venom is exactly what you need. Built specifically for sportbikes, Venom’s motorcycle stands are manufactured from heavy-duty steel, with tough and durable wheels, and rubber-coated features to help keep your pride and joy safe from any scrapes and scratches that can occur when raising your motorcycle on a lift. The best thing about these lift stands has to be the fact that there are two of them. You get a front and a rear stand when you buy this product. And that’s a great bonus.

The rear stand is an easy to use product that you simply wheel into place, and lever into place using the lever handle. It’s not the most sophisticated stand on the market, but it does the job and does it well. It might not have any fancy fixing points, but it does have some highly maneuverable wheels that make fitting it and moving it around an absolute dream. Wheel it into place, apply the correct amount of leverage, and there you have it: a raised rear wheel.

The front half of the front and rear combo wheel lift set is more advanced. The front stand features cushioning rubber pads and coated parts that fit under your motorcycle’s front fork for a tighter grip that won’t scratch or scrape your hardware. The method of raising the front wheel works exactly the same as the rear: leverage. When combined, the front and rear stands make your motorcycle highly maneuverable and easy to move around.


A lot of stand for a small price

Fit almost all sports bike models

Strong, stable, and easy to use


The wheels can be excitable on smooth floors

Heavier motorcycles might be a struggle

Front stand can be tricky to use

4. Trackside Rear Paddock Stand

Trackside Rear Paddock Stand

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Next up, we’ve got another great bargain. This is a rear paddock stand from Trackside, and it’s a simple rear stand that’s easy to use and comes at an affordable price. It’s manufactured from strong 38mm steel tubing with a classy and durable powder-coated finish. Like most paddock stands, it requires leverage to operate, so it comes with a long handle to make life easy. What’s even cooler is the fact that the handle is completely retractable, which makes it easy to store, and easy to work around if you’ve got limited space to play with.

What makes this such a great purchase is that it truly is a versatile stand. It’s compatible with a wide range of motorcycles and it actually can be used with both spooled motorcycles, or with bikes that have a flat bottomed swingarm too. Both methods offer a strong and stable grip of your motorcycle, and thanks to the addition of dual-wheel casters on each support leg, you can rest assured knowing that your bike is safe and secure. It has been noted that it’s not as strong or confidence-inspiring as other brand name models, such as Pit Bull, but the Trackmaster models have a much cheaper price tag, so you have to take that into account. If you need something cheap that does the job, then this motorcycle stand will serve your purpose.


38mm steel tube construction

Powder coated finish

Spool and swingarm compatible


The handle could be better

Rubber mounts require adjustments

May not fit all motorcycle models

5. Matrix Concepts LS1 Lift Stand

Matrix Concepts LS1 Lift Stand

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While most motorcycle stands cater to the sportbike market, this one is almost exclusively for dirt bike riders. Since most dirt bikes aren’t equipped with conventional side stands or center stands, standing them up can be tiresome. Fortunately, Matrix Concepts have come up with a useful stand that’s easy to use and will keep your motorcycle safe and secure. This is easily the best motorcycle stand for dirt bike enthusiasts, and if you take your trail riding seriously, having something like this in your garage will pay dividends later on.

Manufactured from a thin, lightweight but incredibly strong carbon steel, with anti-slip rubber and a durable powder-coated finish, this motorcycle lift stand has been tried and tested by professional off-road racers and continually gets their seal of approval. It has a strong and stable center post design that keeps your dirt bike in place, but the best feature of this stand is the 2 point power pedal that lifts the bike onto the stand with ease. Simply move the stand underneath your motorcycle, and “pump” the stand into place. It’s like a motorcycle jack stand, but with more security. If you’re a dirt biker, this is the best motorcycle stand on offer.


Clever pedal-operated mechanism

Approved my industry professionals

Simple and easy to use


Has a maximum load weight of 500 lbs

Can only be used on dual sport and dirt bikes

Can be tricky to use if you’re not familiar with it

6. Moto-D Swingarm Motorcycle Stands

Moto-D Swingarm Motorcycle Stands

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Next up, we’ve got another front and rear motorcycle stand combo. This time, it’s from Moto-D. Unlike a lot of motorcycle stands out there, this one isn’t made from steel tube. Instead, it’s manufactured from box section steel, which promises to be stronger and more stable than tube variants. Despite the heavy-duty design, these stands are actually remarkably light, with each stand only weighing approximately 5 lb each. Again, these stands are best suited for sportbike applications rather than off-road or cruiser bikes.

This motorcycle rear stand isn’t only for motorcycles equipped with rear spools, since it has a “Y-shaped” spool attachment and additional swingarm grips too. The front stand works with the front fork to create a strong and stable hold that will keep your motorcycle in place. The combination of the broad base and grippy traction sections promise a confidence-inspiring grip.

For mobility, the stands are fitted with rollerblade wheels. These solid wheels offer great stability, high maneuverability, and since they’re rollerblade wheels, they’ll last forever! While some reviews haven’t been kind to these stands, citing difficult assembly instructions and cheap components, Moto-D offers a 1-year warranty for dissatisfied customers, which should help convince you of this product’s quality.


Budget friendly motorcycle stands

Strong and stable box-section metal construction

Compatible with most sport bikes


Mainly sport bike focused

Reviews complain of flimsy components

Poor assembly instructions

7. YITAMOTOR Unversal Sport Bike Motorcycle Stands

YITAMOTOR Unversal Sport Bike Motorcycle Stands

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YITAMOTOR has a set of budget-friendly sportbike stands that will make an excellent addition to any motorcycle enthusiast’s’ garage. This bike stand combo comes at a very low price, but don’t be put off by the tiny price tag because the quality is really there. For your money, you get a pair of fully adjustable stands that can be used on spools or flat bottomed swingarms. Each stand is made from high-grade steel with a durable welded construction, a tough powder-coated finish, and four wheels on each stand for added stability and increased mobility. The stands have a 440 lb weight capacity.

The front stands are designed to accommodate sportbike wheels and forks between 9.5 and 12.5 inches wide. The rear wheel stands can lift motorcycles with spools or swing arm bottoms that are between 10.75 inches and 14.5 inches wide. It’s important that you measure your motorcycle before pulling the trigger on these. While they offer excellent value for money, most of the complaints have been because of poor measurements from the customers before they made their purchases. So be warned!

If you’re worried about the quality of these products, YITAMOTOR offers a full one-year warranty and the guarantee that they can offer a solution to any problem you may have within 24 hours of receiving an email from you. That’s excellent customer service.


Budget-friendly front/rear motorcycle stand combo

Fits almost every type of sport bike

One year warranty


Weight limited to 440 lbs

Sport bike focused and may not work for other motorcycle types

Must do your research before investing in this motorcycle stand

8. Trackside Roll On Wheel Chock

Trackside Roll On Wheel Chock

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While this isn’t strictly a motorcycle stand in the conventional sense, we think it’s a worthy addition to the list. Wheel chocks and braces are sturdy platforms that you can roll your motorcycle into, with a front-wheel brace that holds your bike in place, without fear of it falling over. In that respect, it makes it a motorcycle stand. These chocks can also be bolted down to your garage floor, onto a truck bed, or on a trailer, which makes it a versatile product that can be used for a variety of motorcycle-related tasks. It can be used for general maintenance, and for secure parking, and that’s why we’ve included it.

The Trackside Roll On Wheel Chock is made from strong steel construction, with sturdy fixings and fastenings, with built-in tie-down anchors. In terms of dimensions, it can accommodate all 15-inch to 21-inch tires with a maximum width of 140 mm. The great thing about this chock is that it doesn’t discriminate by motorcycle type. You can use this with a sportbike, a low slung cruiser, a tall stance dirt bike, and pretty much any kind of motorcycle you can think of, providing it fits the front wheel dimensions. For the price, every garage could have one of these and a dedicated stand too.


Very versatile motorcycle stand type

Can be bolted down for ultimate stability

Completely universal


Not strictly a motorcycle stand since it doesn’t lift the wheels off the floor

Rear wheel will always be in contact with the ground

Might not be what everyone thinks of as a stand

Best Budget Choice

9. SafStar Motorcycle Rear Stand

SafStar Motorcycle Rear Stand

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We’ve added the SafStar rear wheel motorcycle lift onto this list because it’s a seriously budget product that will do the job. It’s not our favorite by a long stretch but if you need to get that rear wheel up off of the ground on a tight budget then you can’t go wrong with this one. Now, we’re giving it a bit of a hard time because it does have some poor reviews, however, when we assembled our test version it was absolutely fine. The construction isn’t as good as you’d expect from a Pit Bull motorcycle stand, but it’s considerably cheaper than a Pit Bull stand, so it’s to be expected. What we will say is that this is a great product for those with a limited budget.

This SafStar stand is manufactured from lightweight steel and features tough welds, a durable powder-coated finish, and four wheels (two on each arm) to provide a stable mount. It’s certainly strong enough to lift your rear wheel off of the ground, allowing you to perform maintenance on your wheels, tires, and chain. It’s also compatible with most sportbikes and a wide range of dirt bikes too. It’s not a bad stand at all, it’s just that some reviewers have had bad experiences with it. We think that it’s worth the gamble at around $30, and you can always return it if it doesn’t meet your expectations.


Seriously budget friendly

Fully adjustable for most sport bikes

Works for motorcycles without spools


Has some justifiably negative reviews

Won’t support heavier motorcycles

Very narrow support arms

10. Drag Specialties Center Jack Scissor Lift Stand

Drag Specialties Center Jack Scissor Lift Stand

Check Latest Price

Lastly, we have this motorcycle jack stand from Drag Specialties. It’s a cool motorcycle lift that works perfectly for cruisers and dirt bikes. It can also be used on some sportbikes but due to the shape of the frame and the routing of the exhaust pipes, you may have difficulty securing a sportbike to this motorcycle stand. Since it’s a scissor jack stand, all you have to do is place it underneath your motorcycle, and jack it up using a 15/16″ socket or wrench. Thanks to the heat-treated hex drive and worm gear, you can raise and lower the jack to precise measurements, depending on what you need it for.

It’s quite a large stand, constructed from heavy-duty materials and equipped with a wide footprint for ultimate stability. In fact, the Drag Specialties Center Jack Scissor Lift Stand has an impressive weight capacity of 1,000 lbs, so you can have faith that it will comfortably lift your motorcycle with ease (and then some!). The only problem with this kind of stand is the fact that you will have to use it with straps for a secure fit. That’s not a real downside though, it’s just something you need to factor in when purchasing!


Impressive maximum raised height of 14 1/22 inches

Huge load capacity of 1,000 lbs

Ideal for cruisers and dirt bikes


Not ideal for sport bikes

Requires additional straps to function safely

Could be a little bit cheaper

Motorcycle Stand: Buying Guide

Owning a motorcycle stand isn’t essential but it will completely revolutionize the way that you perform maintenance on your bike. They can balance your motorcycle in an upright position without the use of a center stand or a side-stand. It safely holds onto your motorcycle, securing it in place, giving you uninhibited access to every single one of your motorcycle’s components.

While they’re great for performing maintenance, and accessing hard to reach places, they’re also great for storing your motorcycle, parking it securely, and protecting it from the elements. A good motorcycle stand will allow you to position your motorcycle in a more useful way, and park it in an out-of-the-way place that would otherwise require a 180-million-point-turn to access. Parked in a more useful place, you can secure your motorcycle with more permanent security devices and heavy-duty motorcycle locks to help keep it safe from thieves.

What’s more, a good bike stand and wheel lift will keep your motorcycle’s tires up off of the floor, preventing flat spots from occurring, or cold floors causing damage.

Owning a motorcycle stand really will make your life easier, but what type should you buy?

Types Of Motorcycle Stands

Different motorcycles require different types of stands. Despite some stands being sold with the word “universal” attached to them, be warned! Very few stands are truly universal, and you will have to do your homework if you want to find a stand that will definitely fit your model. But before you can check the requirements, you need to know what types of bike stands and motorcycle lifts are even on sale. Here are the most common types:

Triangle Motorcycle Stand

Triangle Stands: A triangle stand is a triangular-shaped stand that’s to take the weight of a motorcycle at the rear axle. These stands are useful for motorcycles without side- or center-stands, such as motocross bikes. They’re not particularly advanced, and they don’t raise the rear wheel from the ground either. If you’re looking for a stand for performing maintenance, these aren’t the best choice. If you want something cheap that stops your motorcycle from falling over, these are great.

Motorcycle Paddock Stand

Wheel Stands: These stands are the most common stands for sportbike riders. Otherwise known as paddock stands, these motorcycle stands are small cradles that use leverage to raise the front and rear wheels of a motorcycle. They can lift flat-bottomed swing arms, or use special spools to raise the rear wheel of a motorcycle. Front-wheel stands use a connector that grasps the front fork legs. It’s important to note that you can use a rear stand by itself, but you cannot use a front stand independently. However, they work best as a pair, especially when it comes to cleaning and maintenance work.

Fixed Motorcycle Chock Stand

Fixed Stands: Fixed motorcycle stands are very good at keeping your motorcycle upright, and keeping them safe from thieves. Essentially, they’re a floor mounted front wheel cradle that keeps your motorcycle in a secure position. They can be bolted to the floor for added stability and security too. They’re particularly well suited for cruisers. The main downside is that they don’t lift the rear wheel, which can make maintenance a chore.

Motorcycle Scissor Lift Stand

Scissor Lift Stands: These lifts are also known as jack stands. Essentially, they’re hydraulic jacks with a plate that supports a motorcycle. After being placed under the frame of the motorcycle, a pedal or lever-operated jack raises a plate that lifts the motorcycle off of the ground. For the safest results, it’s best to use these with a number of straps to guarantee that the motorcycle is secure. These stands are great for cruisers and dirt bikes, and excellent for performing maintenance.

Important Things To Look Out For

Once you’ve decided on the type of motorcycle stand that you want to buy, then you need to start looking at the finer details. Before committing to a product, check that it fits all the necessary criteria for your needs. Here are a few things to keep in mind:


Make sure your stand of choice fits your motorcycle! Most stands will be sold with a maximum tire width or a dimension that you can check that your motorcycle conforms to. Don’t make the mistake of buying a stand that’s too big or too small to accommodate your motorcycle.


It’s also essential to check the product description for the materials used in the construction. Not only do you want strong and sturdy metal parts and components, but you also want to look for rubber-coated protective parts or powder-coated and rust-proof features. If you’re investing in an expensive product, you’ll want it to stand the test of time.


A motorcycle stand needs to be stable; that’s a fact. However, some are more stable than others. It’s best to look for additional features that might make for a sturdier and more secure stand. For example, sturdy wheels can improve the balance of the stand, and four wheels per stand are often better than two as well.

Similarly, consider the weight of your motorcycle and the maximum load allowance of the stand in question. Some stands can only support small motorcycles with a low wet weight. Take the weight allowance into careful consideration before investing in a stand.


Lastly, there’s the practical side of things. It’s important to consider how you’re going to store the stand when it’s not in use. Some stands have collapsible parts or retractable handles, while others can be dismantled completely. It’s a good idea to keep these things in mind before making a purchase; especially if your workshop space isn’t a giant garage-mahal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are motorcycle stands universal?

Not all motorcycle stands are as universal as they claim. Different stands work best for different kinds of motorcycles, and some stands can only accommodate specific dimensions and weights. Always read the product description thoroughly before hitting the buy button.

How do you lift the front wheel of motorcycle without a stand?

It can be done with a block and a regular jack, but it’s much safer and a lot less hassle to invest in an inexpensive motorcycle stand instead.

Are there different types of motorcycle stands?

There are four main styles of motorcycle stands. There are triangle stands, wheel stands, fixed stands, and scissor lift stands.

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