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NSW Police - Helmet

Motorcyclist Fined For Wearing Helmet Upside Down!

A Motorcyclist Fined For Wearing His Helmet Incorrectly Has Sparked Outrage In Australia!

A motorcyclist has been fined for wearing his motorcycle helmet upside down, deeming it easier to take on and off because of a pimple on his face. Yes, this bizarre story happened in the Australian city of Sidney, where police officers pulled over a 20-year-old man because he was wearing his helmet incorrectly. The motorcyclists argued that he was wearing his open-face helmet upside down because he didn’t want to place the chin strap over a pimple on his face, and that wearing it upside down was easier for him to take it on and off without giving his pimple any unnecessary discomfort.

NSW Police - Helmet Upside Down

The New South Wales Police Highway and Traffic Patrol explained their reasoning for the penalty: “This is obviously against the manufacturer’s recommendations and the helmet’s design capabilities. When stopped and spoken with he stated he had a pimple on his cheek and wearing the helmet that way was easier to take on and off without undoing the strap.” The rider was fined $300 AUS ($227 USD) and given three penalty points on his license.

Traffic Fines Vs Child Sex Offenses – An Unusual Scale

NSW Police - Helmet Upside Down 2

While the logic behind the police action is considered sound, there has been an angry public backlash against the fine on the force’s Facebook page. At the moment, an Australian reporter for A Current Affair, Ben McCormack, was recently handed a $1000 AUS ($757 USD) fine for child pornography offenses. Naturally, the public are outraged that a minor traffic offender must pay so much while someone convicted on a child pornography charge must pay so little.

One person wrote: “So what Ben McCormack did was only three times worse than this?”

Another added: “Get your priorities right. What a joke poor bloke puts his helmet on and you guys take half his weekly wage off him. Give yourselves a pat on the back.”

NSW Police - Fines

It’s not the first time that people have been critical of the child sex offense fine, and compared it with traffic fines too. An Australian rugby player recently compared his traffic infringements in comparison with McCormack’s fine. This is what Darcy Lussick of the Manly Sea Eagles rugby team had to say: “I got two fines for riding a push bike without a helmet to get lunch the other day totaling $660. Ben McCormack got fined $1000 for what he did. Well done Australian justice system.’”

NSW Police - Helmet

Naturally, here at, we always recommend wearing a helmet and wearing it properly regardless of the state of your complexion – however, we definitely don’t condone letting any type of sex offender, let alone a child sex offender, get away with such a pathetic fine.


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