Motorcyclists Christmas List: What To Buy Cruiser Riders

Cruiser Riders Are Tricky People To Buy For…

Updated August 16, 2018

Following on from our list of Christmas gifts for adventure riders, we’ve decided to come up with some great ideas for cruiser riders. There’s no shortage of cruiser themed gift ideas out there, but every year we see the same things on offer…and most dedicated cruiser riders have already got a garage full of tin signs, Harley encyclopedias, and bike-branded merchandise. For next Christmas, why not buck the trend and think outside of the box? Like our adventure list, we’ll give you some inspiration that covers all budgets and tastes.

Cruiser Riders - Gift Ideas 1

1) Full Speed Rain Reflective Rain Suit – $160

Cruiser Riders - Gift Ideas 2

Contrary to what you see in the movies, cruiser riders get wet too, and the vast majority of them aren’t just fair weather riders either. When it comes to gifts, however, cruiser riders tend to get given things like bandanas, branded vests and plenty of other stuff that’s best used in the sunshine – so spare a thought for them this Christmas and give ‘em something they really need. The Full Speed rain suit from Harley is appropriately priced, and offers full rain protection. It’s not wind-proof, but for $160, you can’t ask for too much.

2) Barfly Gloves by Roland Sands Design – $70

Cruiser Riders - Gift Ideas 3

Although the “Barfly” gloves are on this list, RSD has a great selection of affordable and ergonomic gloves for sale on their site. These ones just happened to catch our eye the most. Coming at a great price of $70, the quality cow hide gloves come with a Velcro strap fastening, reinforced palms, flexible knuckles and a cool aesthetic. Most riders already own a decent set of gloves, but they’ll never say no to a couple of reserve pairs, so keep this in mind when you’re writing your shopping list…

3) RAM Mounts Universal Cell Phone Holder Kit – $60

Cruiser Riders - Gift Ideas 4

Pretty much everyone owns and relies on a Smart Phone these days, so having a cell phone mount for your motorcycle is a near-essential. We’ve chosen the RAM Mounts Universal Kit because…it’s universal and the price is pretty good. However, with anything like this, we recommend giving it a little more thought. You can either search for something specific to your phone type, or you can invest in a couple of extra products to really keep your phone locked in place. Since almost everyone keeps a great deal of important information on their phones, you might want to get some moldable glue and other bits and pieces to make doubly sure that it’s not going to fly away on the highway!

4) Meguiar’s G55033 Motorcycle Care Kit – $32

Cruiser Riders - Gift Ideas 5

Not all gifts have to focus on the rider, and when it comes to keeping a clean sheen, no group of bikers are more meticulous than the cruiser crowd. This kit from Meguiar covers all bases, and comes with a wide selection of cleaners and polishes, and a microfiber cloth too. Naturally, most riders have brand preferences when it comes to this kind of thing, but if you’re stuck for ideas, a nice universal cleaning kit is always a welcome gift – and it will certainly be put to good use.

5) Gear Gremlin GG501 Brush Kit – $25

Cruiser Riders - Gift Ideas 6

It’s all very well having good cleaning products, but a good selection of brushes are just as useful. There are plenty of good brush sets, but this one from Gear Gremlin is pretty comprehensive and nicely priced. The four brush pack comes with the right tools to get into all of those hard to reach places, with nylon bristles for ultimate durability. Of course, you can find similar brushes elsewhere, but this comes in one handy pack – which makes your shopping much easier!

And if you’re in doubt…

Well, you can always fall back on the old faithful gifts ideas, like key rings, coffee mugs, and all of that bar-related paraphernalia. Either way, motorcyclists are forgiving people, and honestly, they’ll be happy with anything you give them: it’s the thought that counts!


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