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Multi-Million Dollar Supercars Damaged at French Hotel

A Bugatti Veyron and Chiron bottom out at the Hotel Carlton in Cannes, France.

Published September 3, 2017

Cruuunch – the sound your subcompact car makes as it scrapes across a speed bump is like fingernails on a chalk board. But, think how you’d feel if you were driving a 3-million-dollar Bugatti Chiron?

Recently, two Bugatti owners had a bumper-dragging experience at the Hotel Carlton in Cannes, France. An onlooker first saw a white Veyron Supersport do a faceplant into the bottom of the establishment’s exit ramp. Then, a Chiron was also seen (and heard) dragging its front fascia across the gradient.

Driver error does not appear to have been the cause of the Bugatti/ramp encounters. Both times, eye witness recall the driver taking extreme care guiding the supercar from the hotel. Instead, it appears the design of the hotel parking garage is to blame.

So, if you’re vacationing in Cannes, France be sure to stay away from the Hotel Carlton parking garage – unless you’re driving a rental car.

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