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Music and Muscle cars….what do these stars drive?

With success in the music industry comes fame and for some musical artists the extra earnings provides them a way to fuel their passion for buying new toys. There is an old saying like this; “Some folks got more money than sense”, but I say these guys have made wise choices with purchasing and driving these real life hot-wheels! We all know that Jay Leno has a warehouse full of exotics, rare one-offs and classic muscle cars, but you will be surprised at the list of musicians who also share in the love of collector cars. Click Next to view the list.


Billy Gibbons

Kicking off my list is no surprise, Billy Gibbons was collecting cool cars and guitars even before it was cool. Gibbons, guitarist of the well-known rock band ZZ Top, owns various hotrods including the famous 1933 Ford Eliminator coupe from the bands’ hit music videos, a 1946 Ford sedan known as “Big Mambo”, and the one-off 1948 Cadillac called “Cadzzilla” built by the late great Boyd Coddington. He also owns a 1950 Ford coupe named Kopperhead that is one wicked ride. (1948 “Cadzzilla” Cadillac seen below)



Keith Urban

Keith Urban loved his 1969 Black Mustang so much that he wrote a song inspired by it called “Sweet Thing”. The car was given to him as a gift from his wife Nicole Kidman. His classic pony car can be seen throughout the music video for that song. Urban’s car collection has also included a 1956 Lincoln Continental Mark II as well as a Bentley Continental GT.

Urbans Mustang


Kenny Wayne Shepard

Must be something about the pairing of cars and guitars because next on my list is none other than rock guitarist Kenny Wayne Shepard. As soon as you lay eyes on his “Xtreme Lee” remake of the iconic General Lee of the Dukes of Hazzard TV show, you can see he doesn’t try to hide his love for classic Mopar. Shepard loves to use Mopar (Dodge/Chrysler) cars in his music videos because as he has been quoted as saying “Older Chrysler products look fast standing still”.



Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson and his band AC/DC had a hit song entitled “Highway to Hell” which may be one of the best driving songs ever recorded. I imagine he plays it every time he drives his custom 2015 Mustang GT built by the legendary Petty’s Garage. It’s not classic muscle but it’s destined to be a collector’s item because it has a fire-breathing 627 horsepower Ford Racing/Roush supercharged engine under the hood and rolls on 20 inch custom HRE wheels. With only 143 of these special Mustangs ever built, you might think that’s rare, but the car Brian purchased was part of a limited run of only 42 being sold in the Stage 2 package. There seems to be a trend with Johnson and going fast because he also owns a McLaren 650 and a Ferrari 458.



Snoop Dog

Elvis and Johnny Cash were not the only ones who love riding in style in their Cadillacs, because Snoop Dog has a tricked out 1967 Cadillac Fleetwood known as “Snoopdeville”. Trust me this is not your daddys Cadillac! It has a custom paint job like no other, a chandelier that lights up when you open the doors, off the chain pin striping, and some dope-looking 16 inch Dayton 100-spoke wheels.



Jeff Beck

Legendary British guitarist Jeff Beck ranked 5th in the Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time, but you might not know that he once worked in an automotive body shop to make extra money. I guess that’s where he picked up his love for classic American cars, because he now builds his own and he’s pretty good at it. He says his favorite car and prized possession is his 1963 Split window Corvette Stingray, painted silver and is one of the finest around.



Alan Jackson

My list would not be complete without telling the story of country superstar Alan Jackson and his classic white 1955 Ford T-Bird. Alan purchased the car when he was only 15 years old after working and saving from the age of 12. He gave $3,200 for the car and drove it while in high school. He and his wife (Denise) dated in this car, but he recalls the fun times he and his dad (Gene) had restoring the car a few years later. Unfortunately he ended up selling this car to make a down payment on his first home. The coolest part of this story is that several years later, Denise found the exact car and presented it to Alan for Christmas. You can see the car featured in Alan’s music video of the song “Good Time” from 2008. He says that after losing the car once and given the car’s sentimental value, he will never part ways with his beloved T-Bird again.





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