Mustang GT vs Focus RS In A Race For Your $40,000

Published November 3, 2016

You have been thinking of buying a car and you have a budget of $40,000. You are given an option between the Mustang GT and the Focus RS. Which one should you go for? As much as both cars are the same in price, they are slightly different when it comes to performance.

If we decide to go just by the specifications of the cars, then the Mustang has a high-tech V8-Powered engine producing 435 ponies. The Focus RS, on the other hand, comes with a slick all-wheel-drive traction that causes it to get off faster than the Mustang. It also generates 350 horsepower. The performance of the two vehicles is generally the same and just by those few specifications, I would definitely go for the Mustang GT. It might be slow to start but it catches up.


The Mustang crosses the line just before the Focus. Therefore, it all depends on what you really want. Both cars have a good performance but the Mustang gains more speed than the Focus. It’s worth the $40,000.





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