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MV Agusta To Release New Four-Cylinder Model For 2018

Expect To See A New Four-Cylinder Model From MV Agusta In 2018

As the luxury Italian brand finally parts ways with Mercedes-AMG, MV Agusta gleefully announce that they will be releasing a new four-cylinder platform for 2018. A new four-cylinder platform could mean any number of things, but we’re happy to settle with a fierce 1200cc MV Agusta Brutale first…on the proviso that an all new F4 appears in its wake. But that might be a ways off yet.

MV Agusta: New Four-Cylinder Platform Incoming!

MV Agusta Brutale 1

It’s been a tough few years for MV Agusta, but now that the firm has finally managed to buy back its shares from Mercedes-AMG and secure fresh investment from the Black Ocean group, everything is looking up for the Italian manufacturer. To celebrate their new (sort of) autonomy, MV Agusta CEO Giovanni Castiglioni has announced that the firm will be working on a new four-cylinder platform that they’re hoping to debut in 2018. With new money and a renewed sense of direction, MV Agusta can now play around with their Research & Design budget and begin developing new models.

MV Agusta Brutale 2

The 2018 deadline is a little playful in itself though, with no fixed definition of “when in 2018” or more importantly “what in 2018” we should expect to see. 2018 could mean a new model hitting dealerships in the second half of the year. 2018 could also mean a prototype unveiling at EICMA or another trade show. And should we be expecting something new? Or should we expect a new four-cylinder 1200cc Brutale? We expect to see a new and improved Brutale 1200, wearing a new engine that will signal a new dawn for the iconic company.

MV Agusta Brutale 3

The new four-cylinder engine would likely grace other street going models such as the Turismo Veloce, and eventually a new sportsbike platform will evolve from the new engine but that won’t be for a few years, we suspect. That speculation is based on WSBK theories, with many believing that the current F4 is as good as it can logically get in its current configuration – and given that MV Agusta has a long road of recovery ahead of them, developing a new racing platform is probably not high on the priorities list. That doesn’t mean it won’t be coming. However, it would be a huge surprise if it was to make an appearance as early as 2018. Maybe 2020 – but we’re happy to be wrong with that guess.

In the meantime, let’s just be happy that MV Agusta are back to developing new platforms at all. And let’s all wish them the best for the future.


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