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Published July 24, 2012

Out of sunny California is a custom car company called N2A. An acronym for No Two Alike. N2A’s parent company is Kanter Concepts, a company that designs concepts from specialized airplanes and military vehicles to concepts for automakers like Daimler Chrysler and Hyundai to name just a few. A few years back Kanter decided to start a company that is essentially a kit car for the wealthy.

They have a few designs and all of them are aesthetically impressive. The 789 model for example. It’s taken all the great aspects of design from the ’57 Belair the ’58 Impala and the ’57 Chevy and seamlessly blended them all together on the C6 Corvette platform. This is a transformation company. They build cars but not from the ground up. They merely give them new dressings. The Anteros model is design more for those with a weakness for an European sports cars such as the Aston Martin DB9 or the Jaguar XKR. And finally a third design called Stinger that captures all the great classic Corvette design aspects. The designs are all great and certainly draping them over the C6 Corvette chassis and drivetrain makes it a solid car.

This is a $75,000 make over for your car. That’s not including the C6 Corvette chassis and drivetrain. So that means this conversion is going to run a customer well into the $125,000 range. In that case they might as well just go out and buy an actual production touring car. All this is certainly enough to make anyone wonder why a person would take a perfectly good Corvette, dismantle it and bastardize it just to look like something else. The Stinger perhaps makes the most sense since a person would be starting out with a Corvette anyway. The 789 makes for an extremely cool throwback car, but still. Logic would dictate that anyone interested in transforming a car would find a far less iconic car to begin with. Or start with a new kit frame. Sure the car is hot but we all know that looks aren’t everything. And sure it’s going to perform like a true sports car considering the donor vehicle. But something still doesn’t add up. It just seems like a whole lot of money to throw at what is virtually a conversion kit. It could only really work if a person wasn’t a big Corvette fan to begin with.

N2A likely won’t survive if they don’t adapt to the current market. There are trends leaning so far away from tradition, especially with touring sports cars, that could sink an upstart company such as this. If they go the extra mile and at least build their own chassis it would be a huge step for them. They can go ahead and drop whatever engine in they wish. Even if they stuck to the Corvette drivetrain.

For now it’s just a way too expensive conversion kit car.



Calvin Escobar
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