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Nanjing to remake an Austin sports car?

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Weve reported about this before. A newer article has emerged that an Austin sports car will be put into production in the UK, it is unknown if it will be put into production in the Chinese mainland (we hope it will be though) Some people are specifying that the Austin could be an old MGTF, some will say that the Nanjing MG will make a new V6 MGTF. Who knows, its all speculation right now. Heres the news from the Southern Daily:

A few days ago, we came to understand that before the Chinese New Year arrived, Nanjing MG plan to have cars coming off the production line by the end of the month and have cars on show at the Shanghai Auto Show. In May, another brand of MG Rover, the classic Austin brand – the maker of sports cars, will also go into production in the British Longbridge factory. On the face of things, after Nanjing MG bought Rover and all of its technology and IPR (?!?) Nanjing MG plans to focus sales on both the internal domestic market and the international markets. Nanjing will have to production bases, in Nanjing and Longbridge, within 5 years Nanjing MG expects to have achieved sales of 200,000 cars.

Nanjing is surely going to try and push those new MG7s and new MGTFs quite hard if they expect sales of roughly 40,000 cars per year.

Source: Nan Fang Ri Bao



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