Nascar Dale Earnhart Jr Diecast Collectables

Nascar Collectables Dale Earnhardt Jr Diecast Car

Published January 21, 2013

Dale Earnhardt Jr Diecast cars are scale models of actual vehicles. The NASCAR Diecast collections reproduce the shape and detail of a driver’s car for each racing season. NASCAR fans who collect Diecast cars should have Dale Earnhardt Jr Diecast cars into their collection. Dale Jr. is not only a NASCAR superstar, but is part of the Earnhardt dynasty, and his Diecast cars are a must have addition to any collector’s shelf.

Prices of Dale Earnhardt Jr Diecast cars range from $5 – $150, depending upon the size, manufacturer, the level of detail and which of Dale’s cars is being cast. Collectors guides can be purchased to find out which cars are worth more, but a full set of all of Dale Earnhardt Jr Diecast cars will be worth the investment, as single cars won’t sell as much as full collection.

Current production of Dale Earnhardt Jr Diecast cars are is down, as the entire Diecast industry is lessening production due to the economic climate of 2010. It is believed that Dale Earnhardt Jr Diecast cars purchased in the 2010 racing season will appreciate faster than other years because of the low production numbers.

If you can’t find a specific Dale Earnhardt Jr Diecast cars from an online supplier or local shop, flea markets and garage sales are often a great place to look. People are often looking to unload their collectables quickly, and you can negotiate price. You may be able to purchase a limited edition Dale Earnhardt Jr Diecast cars such as the limited edition National Guard platinum car for cheaper than purchasing through a dealer.

Like baseball cards and other collectables, your Dale Earnhardt Jr Diecast cars should be kept in a dry, clean environment. They should be protected as an investment, even if you choose to display your collection. The better condition your cars are in, the more money your collection of Dale Earnhardt Jr Diecast cars will be worth someday.




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