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Neighbor Kids Playing In Your Driveway? Deal With Them Like This!

When You’ve Got Rambunctious Young Neighbors, Give Them a Racetrack

kids in driveway playing

It’s easy to be overwhelmed with the negativity in the world. But we like to look for the positive. And yes, there are many wonderful people in the world doing great things every day.

When one man noticed a neighbor boy playing in his driveway on security cameras, he sprung into action. But he did it in the most possible, heartwarming way possible. Check out the video below and enjoy the creativity. With just a little chalk and some imagination, he gave a little boy a racetrack to tackle on his daily rides.

Better yet, you can see the neighborhood getting closer, with neighbors who wave to one-another with smiles on their faces. It seems the world could use a little more of this!

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Formerly the Editor in Chief of GearJunkie.com, Sean McCoy is Lola Digital Media's editorial director. He's passionate about stick-shifts and vehicles that get him into places to adventure, namely his F-150. He's an avid trail runner, hunter, and all-around mountain man with a similar love for surfing, sailing, and diving.