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New Beijing ‘Warrior’ Jeep

In 2018 China Car Times was acquired by Autowise. This article originally appeared on

Beijing Jeep has finally redesigned their original model Beijing Jeep 2020?, its only been 23 years or so since Daimler Chrysler first hooked up with Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Corp to create the Beijing-Benz DaimlerChrysler Automotive Co Ltd (what is it with these car companies and their names?) Try saying that 30 times in a row!

The first car that Beijing Benz produced was the Beijing Jeep 2020, a cross between the Russian military jeep, the UAZ and the American Wrangler, it wasnt a bad 4 you can still see plenty of them in cities in and around China. The 2020 seems to be the car to have once youre out in Chinas wild west, it seems nobody has any other car out there. Anyway, Beijing Benz also produced the Cherokee Jeep which has been equally popular in China.

Beijing Benz announced that it had overhauled the aging 2020, to bring it up to date with the American Humvee, (see China Car Times earlier post on the Chinese Humvee) The new Beijing Jeep, named Warrior (could prove quite popular with Chinas other army, the army of Counter Strike addicted teenage boys) comes equipped with a 3.2litre engine, and can survive in temperatures up to minus 41 degrees celcius! The engine is all new (even having a diesel one this time should be better for crossing the Peoples rivers than the original gasoline engine), the safety aspect has been remodeled with it having ABS as standard.



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