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New Cherokee spotted out testing, to launch soon

Published November 3, 2010

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Chrysler seem to be getting their rears in gear with a new product range that is expected to hit Chinese shores in early 2010. Chrysler, via Jeep via AMC were the first foreign car company to enter China with a partnership with Beijing Auto, however the product line up ran stale circa 2008 and became a basic import shop once the Chrysler 300 and Chrysler Sebring went out of production, a new range of vehicles are expected to launch in 2011 including this handsome new Cherokee:

The Cherokee is already out testing in China, but it seems that it will be coming with large displacement engines only and seems to be a world away from the first range of Cherokees that were first launched into China in 1984.

Its not entirely clear what plans Fiat have for Chrysler in the Chinese market, but rumors are afoot of Jeep setting up a JV in North East China with a current unnamed automotive manufacturer to produce compact Jeep models in China.




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