New Chevrolet Sail spotted

Published June 23, 2009

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Chevrolet has become GM Chinas bargain brand and has turned into quite the opposite of its home market cousin with which it only shares a name, the products couldnt be anymore different. Chevrolet USA offers mid size sedans, gigantic trucks, vans, and the Camaro, Chevrolet China offers the Aveo, the Spark, the Cruze, and the Epica, and will soon get a new Chevrolet Sail to join the small car line up. Besides the Cruze, Chevrolets products are pulled from the GM Korea line up, and branded Chevrolet for the Chinese market.

The new Sail has been codenamed the SNG, with its full name being Sail NB NGS, NB standing for notchback (aka the adding of a trunk on a hatchback) and NGS stands for New Global Car, which means the Sail will see sales in other developing markets, such as Brazil. The new Sail will come with the choice of either a 1.2l, or a 1.4l engine according to media reports.




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