Burned Dodge Demons

The New Dodge Demons are on Fire! Literally..

Reports of Dodge Demons Catching Fire are Starting to Surface

Published November 5, 2017

It seems that all new, great, and innovative products that arrive to the market for consumers seem to share one thing in common lately — many mysterious/spontaneous fires.  So it seems that it may be safe to assume that you might not be able to fly with your new Dodge Demon on your next vacation because reports of spontaneous fires are starting to surface throughout the internet.

Burned Dodge Demons

Earlier this week, these photos began to appear throughout the internet on several automotive forums.  The supposed story behind the pictures is that three of the new Dodge Demons that were being transported to an unknown location had caught fire in the trailer of the delivery truck.  We’ve tried to get the scoop and track down the original source of this claim, and so far, all signs point to a claim from Adam Harrod, a supposed driver for the transportation company Reliable Carriers, Inc. (which the ignited trailer belonged to).  Harrod had stated that there was an electrical flaw in one of the Demons which basically incinerated one of the Dodge sports cars, fried two additional Demons, and nearly burned the entire truck trailer to a crisp as well.  Fortunately, the driver of the truck was able to escape the fire unharmed and the fire was exterminated before the entire load was turned into ash.

Dodge Demon Fire Burns Truck Trailer

Representatives of Reliable Carriers were quick to reply with a statement that Adam Harrod did not work for the transportation company and that his statements could not be considered accurate at this time.  The logistics company also noted that Mr. Harrod has since been contacted by their attorneys.  The matter is currently being investigated by Dodge, Reliable Carriers, Inc., and apparently tons of users throughout the automotive communities as well.

Adam Harrod Comments on Demon Fires

The limited-edition Dodge Challenger SRT Demons are appropriately named since they come packing a 6.2-liter supercharged V8 heart capable of pumping out 840 hp with 717-lbs of torque.  The barely legal spawn of Satan is able to get to 60mph in 2.3 seconds and only costs about $85,000.  This limited-edition model has been limited to a production of only 3,000 units in the United States and comes with one hell of a waiver dismissing the manufacturer and dealers of many forms of liability.  We can only hope that the “Harrod claims” are only speculative and that this fire was not caused by some type of electrical malfunction.  If and electrical fluke was responsible for this fire, we hope that that this will be a singular freak-instance that will not trigger additional waivers or potential recalls of such a beautiful (and affordable) piece of wheelie-poppin’ machinery.

Truck Trailer Burned by Dodge Demon




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