Red 2018 Saleen S1

The New Saleen S1 May Appear at the LA Auto Show this Month

Saleen’s New Ride Comes Off Successful Debut in China

Published November 21, 2017


The California-based company, Saleen Automotive, has come a long way since 1985 when they put the first supercharger on a Ford Mustang.  The sports car manufacturer has built a new model called the “S1”, which is said to be an incredible mid-engine 4-cylinder racing freak.  The new original Saleen car was unveiled in China last week and is rumored to debut later this month in Los Angeles.

Saleen Automotive is probably best-known for their tuning of Ford vehicles and a slew of upgrade parts and modification packages that deliver significant performance.   The company was founded in 1983 by former racer, Steve Saleen, who remains the majority shareholder and shot-caller of the company.  In more recent years,  Saleen has modified a broader range of products,  such as Chevy Camaros, Dodge Chargers,  and even Teslas.  In 2000, the company began to manufacture their own car models, the most popular being the model S7 supercar. 

Jiangsu Saleen Auto Unveils the New S1

However, it seems that Saleen Automotive has been in a financial crisis almost as long as they’ve been in business.  Due to their money problems, the company has reached out for help from others several times and have joined forces with several companies as well.  One of those companies being the Jiangsu Saleen Automotive Technology Company, which is their attempt at an international joint venture.  So far, the venture looks to be a success, considering that the S1 was actually built in China by the new company.  Last month, the S1 was unveiled in China and the initial feedback was great. 

Profile of the Saleen S1

 The S1 will be significantly smaller than their previous original model, the S7, and is being built to target the small sports car markets that they are currently popular in.  The S1 will have a Ford motor, a 2.3-liter EcoBoost, which is what the Mustang EcoBoost and Ford Focus RS are packing.  It will be tuned to deliver an impressive 450 horsepower with 425 lb-ft of torque.   

Saleen still hasn’t mentioned anything yet about their plans for the United States (the business model between the two companies still looks like a work in progress), but Jiangsu Saleen has said that they intend to produce 150,000 units in their new factory, that is currently under construction, as soon as possible.  The new factory is located in Ruagao, China, and is on schedule to be ready for production around June of 2018.  Jiangsu Saleen also intends to build an electric model of the S1 shortly after releasing the standard version.  

Hearing all of this is quite the tease from Saleen, since they seem to be keeping the U.S. in the dark at this time.  Allegedly though,  they’ll be debuting the sports car later this month in California at the Los Angeles Auto show.  We can’t wait to hear more juicy details about the S1 and what kind of price we can expect to pay for such a great little sports car!

2018 Saleen S1 Sports car

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