Next-Gen Camaro Gets the ACS Composite Aeropack

Published June 5, 2016

Now that Camaro is enjoying its sixth generation and 50-year anniversary, battle between it and the Stang is finally supposed to be gaining momentum. Judging by recent reports, however, things aren’t as hunky dory as people down at Chevy would have liked them to be. Maybe ACS composite aeropack for new Camaros that’s becoming available this month can turn the tide in Bow Tie brand’s favor.

acs 1

Canadian company has been fitting Camaros, Corvettes, Cadillacs, and even Fiats with custom composite aero kits for years now, and their timing couldn’t have been better for this year’s Camaro. Their mods will include winglets, side rockers, fender inserts, and rear decklid spoiler for all Camaro models, plus aeronautical deflectors for the SS models. By all models, they mean every powertrain and trim level apart from ZL1 which is already bad ass enough.

acs 2

Price range for the mods still hasn’t been disclosed – like the parts themselves haven’t been presented, after all. They shouldn’t be much more expensive than aero kit for the outgoing Camaro models, however. For instance, Most expensive configuration for 2014 Camaro LS or LT is available for just shy of $3,000, and includes windowed hood insert, hood ports, splitter, rocker panels, winglets,  and lateral and upper rear quarter ports.

acs 3

Fully configured ACS 2014 Camaro

Apart from looking good, and being made out of light and durable composite materials, ACS composite aeropack promises enhanced driving dynamics thanks to all the downforce it creates. Camaro SS owners will be glad to know that they can install the ACS spoiler on their own thanks to factory mounting molds. All in all, this is one affordable way of converting one’s stock Camaro into something much, much sharper.



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