2015 Audi RS4 Twin Turbo v6 Wagon

Next Generation 2015 Audi RS4 Twin Turbo V6 Wagon

Published December 4, 2014

As with new model releases, the new 2015 Audi RS4 Twin Turbo V6 Wagon will certainly feature some external improvements. Audi’s 2015 RS4 release promises a more stylish presence highlighted with full LED headlights. It will not only be stylish, but will also boast with a more elegant and sportier distinction.

Next Generation 2015 Audi RS4 Twin Turbo V6 Wagon

Next Generation Changes

Audi’s overall upgrades on the new RS4’s exterior, but the new and upgraded stunning look also continues on the interior. The newest version of the RS4 Wagon is a testament of Audi’s goal of maintaining not only elegant and stylish looks in their products, by using only high quality materials from the seats to the dashboard, but also functional, reliable, and fun to drive vehicles. The new Audi RS4’s sporty look design which applied is also applied in the cabin focusing on enhancing the sporty driving feel on the car’s cockpit.

2015 Audi RS4 Twin Turbo V6 Wagon Comparison

Engine Change Trend

Europe’s aggressive and current emissions laws and Germany’s recent heightened watch, is certainly affecting the design development of the new 2015 Audi RS4 Twin Turbo V6 Wagon. These stricter laws are speeding the inevitable end of naturally aspirated V-8 engines as BMW replaces the M3’s V8 4.0-liter engine with a smaller 3.0-liter straight-six twin-turbo engine, and Mercedes-Benz AMG ditch their 6.2-liter big-bore V-8 engines, Audi is sadly also swapping its 8-cylinder engine with a six-cylinder forced-induction engine in some models. This isn’t actually the first time Audi gave its Quattro RS4 a six-cylinder turbo engine. In fact, 2000 and 2001 Audi models of the RS4 Avant were powered by a 2.7-liter V6 twin-turbo engine that was Cosworth tuned. Though the said version was only available in Europe, it produced an amazing 375 horsepower.

2015 Audi RS4 Twin Turbo V6 Wagon Front View

Improving Fuel Economy

Though Audi and most car manufacturers know that the bigger V8 4.2-liter engines’ quick throttle response and its 8500-RPM roaring redline have been great selling points, like with the 2015 RS4 V6 Wagon, Audi has been replacing V8 engines with smaller V6 engines already for quite some time. The Audi S4, S5, and even the A6 were also previously available with 8-cylinder engine options before and experienced engine changes already. Though many drivers are not missing those big eight-cylinders because of the overall improvement when it comes to fuel economy added with higher torque in the low-end from today’s new six-cylinder engines. This eventually won’t affect the interest of the RS4 fans as long as Audi maintains the crackling exhaust the previous model offered.

New 2015 Audi RS4 Twin Turbo V6 Wagon

New Power Plant

It is reported that the new RS4 V6 Wagon will no longer be powered with its previous 4.2-liter, 450 horsepower, V8 engine, the same monstrous engine used in the RS5, by a V6, turbocharged engine. Though adapting the use of the V6 supercharged 3.0-liter engines from Audi’s S cars lineup seem a more logical choice, the company is instead focusing on turbo equipped engines for their RS model lineup. It is very likely that Audi will be using dual turbochargers in their six-cylinder engines, which can crank the power to 430 horsepower. The new RS4 is believed to be capable of accelerating in less than just 5 seconds from zero to 100 km/h, and can reach top speeds of 278 km/h.

2015 Audi RS4 Twin Turbo V6 Wagon

Sportier Riding Feel

The new Audi RS4 Wagon features a lightweight and compact component that distributes its torque towards the front and the rear axles with a ratio of 40:60. With the RS4’s system, the ratio is customizable if required. If needed, the system can be set to focus up to 70% of power to the vehicle’s front and also set a maximum of 85% of power to the car’s rear. The RS4 is fitted with a center differential (crown gear) that works perfectly with the system’s control that involves wheel-selective torque. This makes overall curve handling limits lead to even higher dynamic driving with selective and small braking impulses. The 2015 Audi RS4 Twin Turbo V6 Wagon offers a sport differential option that provides active distribution of power towards the rear wheels.

2015 Audi RS4 Twin Turbo V6 Wagon Rear Quarter

The U.S. Awaits

The buzz going around the release of the new 2015 Audi RS4 Twin Turbo V6 Wagon is sparking the interest of many car experts and enthusiasts. And the big question many are asking is whether Audi will give the Americans a chance to enjoy the all-new RS4. Sadly, the company has not released any details if the new six-cylinder turbo engine will have the chance to prance in American soil. As of the moment, even details on its exact pricing and release date is still a mystery, but Audi gave hints that it may be launched by the start of 2015.




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