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Pagani Zonda Oliver Evolution

Pagani Zonda Oliver Evolution Commissioned For A Nine Year Old Boy

Zonda Oliver Evolution Is One-Of-One Piece of Art

Published July 18, 2017

One of the biggest Pagani cars collectors lives in Tokyo. Sometime before he ordered a new car – the Zonda. The Zonda Oliver Evolution.

Pagani Zonda Oliver Evolution

“But Zonda is out of production for quite some time?”, you may ask. The answer – money. Horacio Pagani listens to whims and wishes of his customers so, if one wants a bespoke made Zonda, a Zonda will be made. What is even more outrageous about this Zonda is the fact the car was commissioned for a nine-year-old boy. Probably named Oliver, as the Pagani named the car Zonda Oliver Evolution.

And it is an amazing car.

Pagani Zonda Oliver Evolution

Released at the end of 2016 and filmed here at the Goodwood Festival of Speed start, the Zonda Oliver Evolution is one-of-one car based on the 760 RS model. And then, the Pagani owner hired one GT champion (not exactly known which one) to design that back insane spoiler. Two spoilers at the back are definitely the highlight of the car which, possibly is, the best Pagani Zonda ever.

Pagani Zonda Oliver Evolution

At least, it is the most track-focused Zonda ever according to a GT500 champion Akira Iida who tested the car at the Fuji Speedway.

Apart from a one-off spoiler and the basis from the 760 RS, the Zonda Oliver Evolution makes do with the front air ducts from the Zonda LM and adds side winglets for even more downforce.

Pagani Zonda Oliver Evolution Makes Do With A 7.3-liter V12

Pagani Zonda Oliver Evolution

As expected the engine at the back isn’t the latest Huayra six-liter unit. Pagani installed a well known 7.3-liter V12. Obviously, for the Zonda 760 Oliver Evolution, the car develops 760hp. It is fast and loud. It is maybe, even more, insane than the Huayra cars. After all, Huayra BC was following it up the Goodwood Hill climb, and here we are, writing about Zonda.

Pagani Zonda Oliver Evolution

The exterior is simply mind-blowing in gray and exposed carbon-fiber accents. Obviously, the car moves the boundaries of what we have thought is possible with the Zonda.

Pagani Zonda Oliver Evolution


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