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1991 Jun Bonneville 300ZX ‘Z32’

986-HP Nissan 300ZX That Can Hit 262 MPH Is For Sale

It’s Called the 1991 Jun Bonneville 300ZX ‘Z32’

Updated January 7, 2018

We are going back to 1991 for this one. Then, this fine piece of Nissan 300ZX attacked some records at the Bonneville Salt Flats and successfully reached a top speed of 261.923 mph. Yes, Veyron beating 421.536 km/h for all of you metric fans. Obviously, looking at it wouldn’t suggest it had a lot of races under its belt and it did not. Called the 1991 Jun Bonneville 300ZX ‘Z32’, this JDM Nissan 300ZX was specifically built for the Bonneville salt flats speed attacks. Japanese tuning company JUN Auto prepared it for racing endeavors by dramatically modifying all of its internals.

1991 Jun Bonneville 300ZX ‘Z32’

Honestly, looking at it not many would actually presume this is a car capable of reaching Bugatti Veyron-beating speeds. It looks a bit like a tacky decorated JDM really. But there is much more to it. After all, the 1991 Jun Bonneville 300ZX ‘Z32’ will be offered at the BH Auction at the Tokyo Auto Salon this month. Some expect it to reach the price of more than $70,000.

Now, how’s that?

1991 Jun Bonneville 300ZX ‘Z32’

Well, making a car (any car) capable of delivering such monstrous speed of 261.923 mph requires a whole lot of work. Tuning company Jun Auto bored out the stock V6 to 3.1 liters, integrated massive turbochargers and did all other necessary reinforcements to make it work. The turbochargers themselves are of the same structure as those used in Group C racing cars. They had small-displacement engines developing north of 800hp back in the Nineties. Nissan 300ZX went a step further. This one disposes of with 986hp.

1991 Jun Bonneville 300ZX ‘Z32’

True, engine internals were completely swapped out and changed to handle all that added grunt.

Bonneville 300ZX with racing harnesses, a racing steering wheel, and a roll cage

Really, I am most astonished by the fact that the car looks much the same as before. Jun Auto did not change it a lot in styling terms (they couldn’t do as they please after all – it can go 260+mph). The interior follows the same “stock story” of the outside. Major mods, however, exist. One can see a mandatory roll cage inside. Also, a racing steering wheel, a whole lot of gauges and strangely placed buttons point out that is is not just another modded Nissan 300ZX.

1991 Jun Bonneville 300ZX ‘Z32’


It is a monster you can buy.

And drive. On the streets!

I am not joking about it. Last man who owned it actually de-tuned the transmission and some other components making it fully road legal.

1991 Jun Bonneville 300ZX ‘Z32’ 1991 Jun Bonneville 300ZX ‘Z32’


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