Nissan GT-R Alpha G With 3,000 HP Mark And 1/4 Mile World Record in its Sight (Video)

This Alpha G GT-R From AMS Peformance Will Blow Your Mind!

Updated October 28, 2018

It’s the AMS Performance’s GT-R conveniently called the Alpha G where big G stands for Gidi, first name of its owner and driver Gideon Chamdi.

Alpha G GT-R

Don’t let this car’s mildly customized body kit fool you. This Nissan GT-R packs some major heat under its contrasting black hood. In fact, Alpha G develops more than 2,000 hp in its current tune. Needless to say, this figure might soar skyward when the car utilizes its full potential. For the record, Gidi decided not to push its beauty to the limit just yet. White and black GT-R boasts 70+ psi of boost pressure while only 39 psi have been utilized at its TX2K16 event debut. With that setup, the Alpha G GT-R managed to pass the quarter mile mark in 7.771 seconds while flying at the speed just shy of 185 mph.

Alpha G GT-R 2

It’s no secret that AMS Performance is trying to get their world record restored to them since they lost it at the hands of Ekanoo Racing from Bahrain. Gidi’s Nissan GT-R Alpha G might just be the instrument they need to make that happen. They will, however, have to push their car much harder in order to secure the result better than 7.265 seconds which would help them achieve the coveted feat. Their secret weapon is not that much of a secret, really. Their last record holder Alpha Omega was somewhat limited given the fact that its turbos were located in a spot intended by Nissan. Alpha G, on the other hand, has its turbos lowered down to the nose. That gives them more space for maneuver and for larger turbochargers, of course. As you’ll see in the video below, turbos’ specs are undisclosed at the moment, but as Diamonds By Wire Racing’s member Ivan Phipps says, they’re two big ones (possibly Garrett GTX GT6041’s). We wish them luck in this endeavor and hope that Alpha G gets much longer life span than its totaled predecessor.



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