2012 Nissan LEAF EV

Nissan Leaf Sales Fruitless. More Incentives = More Buyers

Published October 2, 2012

Nissan has been a name synonymous with a lot of things, technology, racing cars, family values, great 2012 Nissan Leafpower, and above all, helping sustain a viable, and Eco-friendly way of life. With that said, Nissan has built cars, and trucks that have proven those points, and one such car is the Nissan Leaf. The Nissan Leaf is the first EV (Electric Vehicle) that has rolled off of the Nissan assembly line, and has already made a fabulous name for itself. That not withstanding, the economy is still slow, and the Nissan Leaf isn’t selling like it should.

After being introduced to the world two years ago, and then hitting showroom floors last year, the Nissan Leaf was a big hit, and was doing pretty well for itself, as far as sales were concerned. Essentially the Leaf sale numbers were sightly higher than expected, and so more 2012 Nissan Leafs were built, and a ready supply of the car, were 2011 Nissan Leafshipped to dealerships nationwide, but now those same cars are now sitting collecting dust, waiting to be bought. With the number of Leafs sold being lower by a third of the original sales numbers, Nissan has initiated some discounts to help entice new buyers to jump into a Leaf sooner than later.

Any, and all 2012 Nissan Leafs are now subject to lower monthly payment options, as well as added incentives when buying the car. An example of the discount is the now $219 per month, for 32 months, payment plan, as opposed to the original $249 per month. As I mentioned before, Nissan is upping the discounts for a buyerLeaf EV Nissan 2012 to have, and the proof is in the pudding. If you were to look into buying a 2012 Nissan Leaf in January, you would have been looking at mere $850 bucks in bonus incentives. Now, as of August 2012, any potential buyers will be looking at a bonus incentive of around $3,250 dollars. Basically 3x as much as before, so getting into a Leaf may be easier than you think.

Nissan hopes that these new numbers will help boost sales, one way or another. Especially with them competing directly with the GM built Chevy Volt. Volt sales have steadily risen, while the Leaf sales drop. In essence people are still on the fence about buying Electric Cars, because of the fear of the battery dieing on them, and being stuck somewhere. It will be some time before the level of comfort gets high enough for buyers to fully trust EV’s. Until then, keep looking for discounts, and shop wisely.





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