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Nissan NV Cargo X As A Delivery Van Like No Other

Updated June 1, 2017

Is this an overkill? It’s a freaking cargo delivery van thing with four-wheel drive, a Cummins diesel engine, massive ground clearance and a set of 37-inch General Grabber X3 tires. We aren’t joking. Crafted for the Chicago Auto Show unveiling, this special NV Cargo X started as a standard NV 2500 HD Cargo. Luckily, Nissan partnered with famed off-road builder Ian Johnson who did his magic with it. Many things were changed. First of all, we have to say that it got a Nissan Titan XD five liter Cummins engine. 310hp and 555 lb-ft of torque. Easily enough to deliver anything anywhere. Titan XD handed its Aisin 6-speed automatic transmission and advanced 4-wheel drive system too.

The engine swap wasn’t exactly the only thing Johnson did. He completely transformed the car with the full-custom front suspension. The back retained the standard Leaf spring setup, but Johnson updated it, improving the suspension travel. It can fit massive 37-inch General Grabber X3 tires after all. Despite the changes, Johnson had a lot of respect for the NV Cargo van.

“A strong foundation is what makes the NV Cargo X build possible. Most work vans come with a C-channel frame that would flex and squeak under the stress of Pyeatt Draw. But every NV Cargo is built on a rigid, fully boxed ladder frame,” explained Johnson.

Tested in Arizona

Pyeatt Draw trail in Arizona’s Tonto National Forest was basically a testing ground for this fascinating car. They even filmed a cool movie there highlighting awesome capabilities of the NV Cargo X.

Apart from underbody modification, Johnson did a lot to the exterior as well. After all, preparing a van for the off-road trail includes the addition of off-road LED Lighting System, 10,000-lb. front-mounted winch and a tube bumper with custom skid plate.

Honestly, it’s hard to find a thing out there with 234 cubic feet of available cargo space and off-road prowess as the NV Cargo X.


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