Nissan Sunny coming back from the dead with tenth generation car

Published October 20, 2010

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The 9th generation Nissan Sunny might have gone out of production in 2007 but Dongfeng-Nissan are planing to bring back the Sunny nameplate with the new 10th generation Nissan Sunny. The Sunny is expected to sit above the current Nissan Bluebird but below the Nissan Teana, the below pictures show the front end of the new Nissan Sunny, which until now was only shown as a rendering on various different websites. It was initially rumored that the last generation Sunny was going to come back into production as a Dongfeng self developed vehicle, but now it is clear that the 10th Generation will be available in China:

A fresh interior is being made available for the Sunny and seems to be a miniature version of the Teana in terms of styling, and is almost as if Nissan are planning to clone Buicks idea of making their compact sedan a mini version of their flagship sedan in a bid to keep consumers within the Nissan family as they upgrade their cars. A 1.8L engine will be used in the Sunny, it is unclear if they will go for the 1.6 option that is available with the Bluebird Sylphy to gain a better sales tax bracket for end consumers, however it is clear that cars such as the Ford Focus have managed to hit a sweet spot with Chinese consumers even though they offer larger 1.8L engines.

You can expect that this model will be on show at the Guangzhou Auto Show later this year, and be on sale in early 2011.




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