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Nissan Z Proto to Debut September 15th

The Next Nissan Z Car is Coming!!!

Nissan Z Proto Teaser

Yep, it’s coming! The next-generation Nissan Z car is finally going to show itself. Well, we’ll at least get to see the latest Z car prototype out of Nissan. On September 15th we’ll all get to see the debut of the Nissan Z Proto.

We’re excited, but not sure exactly what to expect. This hotly anticipated two-seater sportscar will hopefully appease the masses and the Nissan enthusiasts alike, versus piss off the purists as the Supra Mk5 did. How close this latest prototype will be to production, or when a production car will hit your local dealer, are still hotly debated topics. We’ve got our fingers crossed to find out much more on these fronts on September 15th.

Check out this little teaser video, which mostly focuses on the Nissan Z car lineage.

Nissan Z Proto

How much is this new Z-Car going to cost? Will it compete with the Miata and 86, or the Supra? Which engine will it have? Do we get a manual transmission? Will it be RWD, or have AWD at least as an option? Will we see four-wheel steering like we have in past Z cars? There are more questions than answers at this point for sure!

We’re holding our breath though, as we have the feeling this new sports car is likely to be worth the weight. On our wish list is a starting price under $30,000, RWD, a proper third pedal and stick shift, over 300 horsepower, and a hatchback design that will make the car usable as a daily driver. What’s on your wish list for the latest Nissan Z car?

“In 1969, Nissan rocked the sports car world with the legendary first generation Z. Now, get ready for the Nissan Z Proto. It’s everything we know. Everything we love. And everything we live for in one letter: Z”

Be sure to tune into TheNissanNext.com for the Nissan Z Proto Digital Unveil on Tuesday, September 15 at 5:30 p.m. PST.

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