North Carolina Issues Tickets For Just 1 MPH Over The Speed Limit

Updated April 12, 2016

North Carolina has some interesting initiatives related to traffic safety. “Booze It & Lose It” and “Click It or Ticket” are only few of them and you can probably figure them out with ease. People responsible for implementation of these initiatives and one-week police actions have gone a little bit too far couple of weeks ago when they introduced readjusted “Obey the Sign or Pay the Fine” initiative.


So, what was the ruckus? Between March 24 and April 3, NC police officers were instructed to ticket any speeder by the North Carolina Department of Transportation. That really goes for anyone. No matter if you break the speed limit by 100 or 1 mph. This came as a shock to all drivers believing that buffer zone of up to 10 mph is still in place. Hopefully they received the warning in time. But still, 1 mph? Come on!

This wasn’t the first time that NCDOT came to this idea. They conducted the same action last year, between March 30 and April 5. They were obviously happy with achieved results since they decided to give it another go. Last year’s results can be found here. This is a breakdown of all counties in North Carolina. As far as the totals go, police officers at 4,177 checkpoints and patrols have managed to record a total of no less than 44,475 traffic and criminal violations. 13,391 or roughly 30% of these charges were for speeding, but the report doesn’t say by how much. We’d surely like to see how many unlucky drivers fell as prey with insignificant speeding “violations”. We’d also like to see the figures from this year’s initiative, but we’ll likely have to wait a little bit more since results haven’t been posted yet. Give us your thoughts on the initiative and don’t be shy. We know you aren’t.



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