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Norton Urban Tracker Concept 1

This Is The Stylish And Refined Norton Urban Tracker 650 Concept

Can We Expect The Norton Urban Tracker To Go Into Production Next Year?

Norton Motorcycles are currently going from strength to strength and to celebrate their success, they’ve teased their next big thing: the Norton Urban Tracker concept. Details are a little thin at the moment, but as you can see it seems like Norton are ready to dip their toes into the modern scrambler market – but rather than rework an old engine, it seems like they’ve developed a brand new 650cc motor that will be the thumping heart of a wide range of new models. The first of these potentially new models is hinted at being the new Norton Urban Tracker…

The Norton Urban Tracker 650 Concept!

Norton Urban Tracker Concept 1

The new 650cc engine is said to have been developed using experience gained whilst the firm were building Norton’s incredible V4 1200 masterpiece that you’ve no doubt already been impressed by. The engine reportedly makes around 100 hp and will be used to power several models, including road bikes and an Isle of Man TT race bike for the Lightweight TT class.

Norton Urban Tracker Concept 3

While the 1200 will always steal the show, developing an engine with a smaller output is a great business decision. Firstly, the new 650cc platform will be a great tool to help Norton crack into the Asian market, particularly in India. Let’s not forget that Norton have just signed a new manufacturing deal with Zongshen in China, and if budget Nortons are on the cards, they’re going to bought up in no time at all.

Norton Urban Tracker Concept 4

Secondly, a smaller Norton wearing more mainstream clothes will undoubtedly retail for a more sensible price tag, allowing the famous British marque to entice new customers from the West too. If the Norton Urban Tracker can go into production and hit the showrooms before the current modern scrambler trend dies down, there’s a very good chance that it will be a roaring success.

Norton Urban Tracker Concept 2

However, Norton aren’t known for their quick development times…in fact, they’re known to be painfully slow when it comes to this kind of thing. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for the Norton Urban Tracker 650. Hopefully we’ll see it before 2019. But who knows?


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