Indian Scout Custom 3

The 185 HP “Miracle Mike” Indian Scout Custom – Young Guns Speed Shop

This Indian Scout custom really took us by surprise…

Updated August 22, 2018

NOS. 185 HP. And no forward controls: this ain’t no cruiser. It might be carrying Indian DNA, but this absolute beast is probably the sportiest Indian Scout custom you’re gonna see. While the Indian Scout is a remarkable machine, words like “edgy,” or “exciting” will probably never be used to describe it. The Victory Octane though, now that was a pretty interesting machine but sadly, Victory was forced to close its doors earlier on this year. With Victory out of action, Polaris are going to need something with a bit of a “wow” factor to keep their buyers interested…and if they’re in need of inspiration, then the guys at Young Guns Speed Shop in Switzerland are the fellas to ask.

Indian Scout Custom 8

Now, this isn’t a proper sports cruiser like your Ducati XDiavel but it certainly has a few tricks up its sleeve. It’s not going to be a demon in the corners, but thanks to new suspension, upgraded brakes, a significant weight reduction, and a helping hand from a wet nitrous oxide system, it’ll certainly put a smile on any riders face. To make such an improvement on the Indian Scout whilst keeping the original engine and frame is quit the feat, and one that should be applauded.

Miracle Mike: The Sportiest Indian Scout Custom In Town

Indian Scout Custom 1 Indian Scout Custom 3

The fellas at Young Guns Speed Shop knew that the key to making the Scout fly would be down to a series of key upgrades, and a strict diet. To get the ball rolling, they began by upgrading the suspension from the cheap and cheerful units usually worn by the Scout to nice new Ohlins USD forks at the front, and a set of shocks to compliment them at the rear. The brakes are Brembo M50 units, naturally, controlled by a Magura master cylinder. Whilst tinkering with the new brakes and suspension, Young Guns realized that the wheels would have to be changed to keep the weight down, and the sports appeal up. A lightweight Excel Supermoto rim was sourced for the rear wheel, and an R90 unit was rolled out for the front. Both were then shod with Metzler Racetec rubber for that racey vibe.

Indian Scout Custom 2 Indian Scout Custom 9

With weight reduction weighing heavily on their mind, the team decided to swap out the original tank in favor of a slimmer, lighter, custom made unit instead, and to keep that weight as low as possible, a healthy amount of Motogadget accessories were used instead of the weighty stock units from Indian. In total, the team at Young Guns managed to shave off a rather incredible 110lbs from this Indian Scout custom machine – which is no mean feat. But what about that engine and NOS system?

The Engine And NOS

Indian Scout Custom 4 Indian Scout Custom 6

In stock form, the Indian is capable of around 100 hp – but since the guys at Young Guns were looking at turning this into a real sports machine, that figure needed to be almost doubled. With NOS on the cards, the engine needed to be sent away for a specialist rebuild to cope with the new dynamic. Luckily, Swissauto know a thing of two about engines, and rebuilt the v-twin lump accordingly. The exhaust was also scrapped and replaced with a custom unit, nicely tipped with an Akrapovic muffler. And then finally, the Young Guns Speed Shop guys added the all-important wet NOS system, supplied by the Wizards of NOS, for a real gut punch of power.

Indian Scout Custom 7 Indian Scout Custom 5

Just to prove that this Indian Scout custom isn’t just a showpiece, the guys added a set of in-house fabricated rearsets to really show off the sporty side of the build. That’s right: it’s an Indian Scout with rear sets.  And it deserves them too, since now the Scout makes around 185 hp at the wheel (about 200 hp at the crank), it comes with a 1:1 power ratio if we’re thinking in metric. Not bad at all.

It’s the sportiest Indian Scout custom we’ve ever seen. Scratch that – it’s the probably the sportiest Indian we’ve ever seen.


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