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Not the Hummer I was looking for

In 2018 China Car Times was acquired by Autowise. This article originally appeared on

After managing to see three Humvees in one single day on the mean battle front streets of downtown Qingdao city, the pace of life here is so fast, and action packed that you need a Hummer H3 just to get to the nearest supermarket alive! Im not joking!

Anyway, I got home and wondered, just who is importing these Hummers into China?

A quick Baidu search for the Chinese name for Hummer Han Ma (the literal meaning is Brave horse) discovered a company in the city of Tianjin named Tianjin City Hummer hmmmm we thought. Must be importing via Tianjin City we thought. Obviously when we opened their webpage we didnt expect them to be makers of electric bikes.

Some other folks seem to be using Hummers Chinese name, point in case, The Hummer Club – an outdoor pursuits club based in Zhejiang province. I want to join the Hummer club!! Do you get a free Hummer on entry?

I never did find out who was importing those Hummers into China, I did find some on for sale though. 600 – 800,000rmb, second hand. Oh, and yes, it is a slow news day.



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