Novitec Lamborghini Huracan Makes an Earth-Shattering 848 Horsepower

Published January 5, 2016

The new Lamborghini Huracan has been a massive hit so far, and renowned tuning company Novitec has decided to offer a select few customers the opportunity to turn their already great cars into something entirely different.


You may not notice right off the bat, but if you put this car side-by-side with its unmodified brethren, the differences will make themselves known. See if you can spot all of the differences.


Novitec redesigned the bumpers, sideskirts, spoiler, and a few other little touches around the exterior that include that carbon cover over the engine and an aggressive diffuser in the rear. Aftermarket wheels will help fill out the new wider profile that the kit gives the car. The rear is now 12 cm wider and the front is 6 cm wider. This is a very good look for the Huracan.


The Huracan did get some criticism early on, as many fans of the bull marque thought that the looks on the Huracan were a bit too soft and agreeable. Luckily, one side effect of the rather tame looks is a thriving aftermarket for exterior styling kits. Lamborghini themselves will produce a number of special and aggressively-styled models in the future, to be sure, but the aftermarket is more entertaining to watch.


The difference is, this Novitec Lambo is a whole lot more than a supercar with a bodykit on it. A set of lowering springs brings the whole car about 3 cm closer to the ground, and the engine got a fair bit of tweaking.


And by a fair bit, I mean the engine was tuned to churn out 848 horsepower and 709 lb-ft. of torque. If you want a different soundtrack, Novitec has you covered there as well. They offer their own exhaust system, which is available with or without butterfly valves that can open and close to adjust the ferocity of the exhaust note.


The best part? Only 25 of these will be made. That will ensure that these special cars always stand out no matter where they are. Novitec has gone above and beyond to style and accent the body of the Lamborghini and the overall effect is astonishing. The looks alone could sell it. But it also screams when the gas pedal goes to the floor and the great big supercharger perched on top of the V10 makes a noise that you just won’t hear anywhere else.


So, if you have the money to spare, or if you already have a Lamborghini Huracan and have grown bored with it, then go out and reserve your spot with Novitec today to make sure that you can own one of these rare beasts.



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