Now You Can Dream of Owning an Off-Road Subaru BRZ

Who Wants An Off-Road BRZ? We Do!

Updated October 3, 2018

Yet another artist’s rendition of a sports car jacked up on off-road tires has popped up online. This time it is not a million dollar Chiron or Off-Road Model X. No, it is something more subtle in the tune of a Subaru BRZ.

Off-Road BRZ

The BRZ is a rival to the Mazda MX-5 and Porsche Boxster 718 and shares pretty much everything with the Toyota GT86. Its rivals suggest that it is a track day capable, fun to hoon, nimble sports car and you would be right. But Rain Prisk has disregarded the BRZ’s capabilities with their new rendition of the car.

Off-Road BRZ 2

In place of the the standard 17-inch rims are huge off-road wheels and tires. Of course these will not fit in the wheel arches so Prisk has off set them and replaced the arch edge with black plastic trim. We can see from the pictures that a suspension mod has been done, thankfully. On the roof, Prisk has added a light bar. Inside, what looks like a full roll cage has been added.

Off-Road BRZ 3

Hopefully Prisk as thought about the extra weight and planned upped power for the 200hp, 4 cylinder Boxer engine. Overall, it is one of the milder and more practical renditions we have seen. The BRZ’s sporty lines and low profile hasn’t been messed with too badly.




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