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Off-Road Bentley Continental GT – is it Real?

An Off-Road Conti? There’s No Way…Right?

Updated September 6, 2017

When you think of an Off-Road rig, you probably think of a Jeep or Land Rover – not a $200,000 Bentley Continental GT. Surprisingly, photos of a Conti GT decked out in outdoor garb have been popping up online.

Scunthorpe, UK – Front of car in the garage. (photo credit: National Geographic/Olivia Williams)

Is the Mad-Max style Continental GT real, or is it a bigfoot-style hoax? It’s hard to say. If it’s real though, the luxury mud-slinger would be super cool.

All Continental GTs feature a thundering W12 engine, producing 582 hp and 531 lb-ft. It’s safe to assume the off-road variant of the car would be powered by the same engine.

According to autoevolution, other modifications that help prepare the Bentley for the dirt include eight Quantum Racing single adjustable shocks, 17-inch steel wheels, an LED light bar, external roll cage, and underbody skid plates. All four corners of the car/truck-thingy are fitted with 265/65/R17 Insa Turbo tires.

Rumors abound that the mutant vehicle was built for the National Geographic series “Supercar Megabuild”. And it is listed on the website. It was also supposedly for sale on eBay, but a quick scan of current auctions revealed no such vehicle.

Check out the video for yourself to find out if the Off-Road Bentley Continental GT is the real deal or not. Be warned, the video is not in english, but the footage is all you really need, right?

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